Full name: Salova Natalia Ivanovna

Date of birth: 09.08.1969

Address: Ukraine,Kherson


– director of the dance ensemble “Caramel;

– propagandist of the “Russian world“;

– An accomplice of the Rashists, a collaborator



Salova Natalia Ivanovna is a traitor to her homeland and an accomplice of the “Russian world,” born in the city of Kherson. In her hometown she worked in the field of culture. She was the head of the dance ensemble “Caramel”.

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian invaders, Natalia Ivanovna expressed her support for the invaders. The woman voluntarily agreed to cooperate with representatives of the racist authorities and began working in the department of culture under the occupation authorities.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

The collaborator has organized many cultural events in the city to support Russian servicemen, organizing concerts with the participation of dance groups of children, whom she dressed in Russian symbols.

Also, the traitor of Ukraine voluntarily collaborated with the occupants, and during the preparation and holding of the so-called “referendum” in the Kherson region and was an active participant in the illegal event. It promotes the “Russian world.

For aiding the occupying forces, aiding the enemy, and her pro-Russian stance, traitor Natalia Salova faces imminent punishment, which will soon befall the traitor.