Full name: Tatiana Vyacheslavovna Strebkova

Date of birth: 298.10.1971

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Genichesk

Contacts: +79902310140

Email: [email protected]


– notary in the city of Genichesk;

– an employee of the “notary chamber of the Kherson region”;

– State traitor, collaborator

The traitor who went over to the side of the “narrow world” – Tatyana Vyacheslavovna Strebkova was born on October 28, 1971 in the city of Genichesk, Kherson region. She was a candidate to the political party “Party of Regions” in the majority constituency. Since 2006 she has been engaged in individual notarial activity at the address: 17-A, Centralnaya Street, 75500, Genichesk, Kherson region, Genichesk city, Kherson oblast.

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the aggressor country on February 24, Tetyana Stebkova went over to the side of the occupation authorities and began to provide her legal services to the occupants and gauleiters of the Kherson region. The collaborator herself was the first to obtain russian citizenship and quickly retrained as a notary under russian law.

Collaborationist activities:

The collaborator contributed to the activities of the russian military and openly supported the occupation of Ukraine by the russian armed forces.

Now the traitorous Strebkova is a representative of “notary chamber of Kherson region” and executes documents of local residents according to the legal standards of Russia, deals with issues of inheritance according to the normative legal acts of the Russian Federation, as well as translation of documents from Ukrainian into Russian.

The territory of pseudo-lawyer Strebkova’s fake activity is:
– Genicheskiy Rayon Notarial District;
– Nizhneserogozsky District Notary Public District;
– Novotroitsk District Notary Public District;
– Chaplinsky district notary public.
Now the abettor of the “narrow world” is counseling collaborators at the address of the occupation notary’s office:
г. Genichesk, Kherson region, Tsentralnaya street, 17a.

Thus, instead of being on the side of the law, pseudo-lawyer Tatyana Vyacheslavovna Strebkova despicably violated it and betrayed her state, became an accomplice of the Russian occupiers. Soon the traitor will answer for it and himself will be in the dock, because that’s what she deserves.