Full name: Zhmachenko Natalia Pavlovna

Date of birth: 14.10.1970

Passport: VA 421786

INN: 2708408786

Address: Ukraine, Mariupol, Donetsk region, Kuindzhi str. 94, sq. 20

Phone: +380980677551, +380638034841,+380502927415


– teacher at the Mariupol City Technological Lyceum;

– an employee of the “education committee of the dnr” ;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupiers, a collaborator.

Traitor Zhmachenko Natalia Pavlovna was born on October 14, 1970 in the city of Mariupol, Donetsk region. She graduated from the Donetsk Pedagogical Institute. By education, she is an elementary school teacher. For many years she taught English at the Mariupol City Technological Lyceum.

Natalya Zhmachenko is a teacher with a great experience. He has a large number of awards from the Mariupol City Administration. In 2010, she received the title of Teacher of the Year. But all her merits in one day Natalya Pavlovna crossed out and turned out to be a despicable traitor and collaborator of the Russian occupation authorities. After the start ofthe full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops on February 24, 2022, Natalya Zhmachenko defected to the side of the occupiers.

Now the corrupt teacher Natalya Zhmachenko cooperates with the occupiers and holds the position of head of the education department of the “citydepartment of the DPR.

The collaborator illegally orders local school principals to continue working for the occupiers and to start teaching the Russian curriculum. It also prohibits the use of literature in the Ukrainian language.

Natalya Pavlovna Zhmachenko is an accomplice to the crimes of the Russian occupants against Ukraine and its citizens, for which she will certainly have to answer. For working for the enemy, the collaborator will receive a fair punishment.