Николай Дубров

Full name: Nikolai Alexeyevich Dubrov

Date of birth: 15.04.1994

Place of birth: rf, Murmansk region, Kovdor city

Places of residence:

  • г. Moscow, 12, Letchik Gritsyvets str., sq. 39.
  • г. Moscow Lukinskaya str. 1, sq. 533
  • г. Moscow, Moskovskaya St., 7, sq. 7
  • г. Kovdor, 9, Bashtyrkova St., kv. 95

Occupation: war criminal, employee of fsb rf


  • passport: 4513405124
  • TIN: 510402234873
  • SNILS: 14311886949



Girl: Kosenko Alla Andreevna

Date of birth: 22.12.1995



Mother: Larisa Vladimirovna Dubrova (Makarenkova)

Date of birth: 13.07.1973



Father: Alexei Nikolayevich Dubrov

Date of birth: 24.08.1971



Brother: Leonid Alexeyevich Dubrov

Date of birth: 18.05.1999



Biography of Nikolai Dubrov

Nikolai Dubrov was born on April 15, 1994 in the town of Kovdor, Murmansk region. In 2011, he graduated from local school No. 1. He was engaged in wrestling, has the first category, performed in sambo competitions. Then studied at the Serpukhov branch of the Moscow Frontier Institute of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Funny thing is, in 2016, Dubrow posted an ad that he was looking for a part-time job as a waiter. In it, he indicated that he had experience “in a specific field” and was willing to work nights. Worked at several clubs. Also did internet promotion and marketing.

As of 2020 served in the FSB (v/h 2009, Moscow), worked at the border control of the airport “Vnukovo”.

Nikolai Dubrov: war crimes

Nikolai Dubrov was sent to the temporarily occupied part of Zaporizhzhya region during the rf’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Apparently because of his father’s Ukrainian roots.

Dubrov has been implicated in the repression of the pro-Ukrainian population, torture and extrajudicial executions. He also helps his colleagues in the Fsb’s 5th Service to spread Kremlin propaganda, fight partisans and control local collaborators.

Nikolai Dubrov’s family

Nikolay Dubrov is currently dating Alla Kosenko. She was born on December 22, 1995, and worked as a nurse at Moscow Oncology Hospital No. 62. For the sake of a young mistress Dubrov left his fiancée Tatevik Margaryan, who was a year older than him.

The mother is Larisa Dubrova, born July 13, 1973. She worked at the Kovdorchanin newspaper, as a photographer as an individual entrepreneur and as a sales manager for Avon cosmetics. Currently involved in marketing and promotion

Brother – Leonid Dubrov, born May 18, 1999. Engaged in marketing and artificial intelligence.

The father is Alexei Dubrov, born August 24, 1971. A native of the village. Vozrozhdenie, Melitopol district, Zaporizhzhya region.
Major, Deputy Head of the Kovdorsky District Police Department of the Polarnozorinsky MIA.