Full name: Zakhvatihata Nikolai Konstantinovich

Date of birth: July 28, 1976

Place of birth: Nikopol, Dnepropetrovsk region

Places of residence:

– Nikolaev region, Ochakov, 3 Peter Degtyarenka Street, apt. 10.

– Crimea, Saki district, Uyutnoe village, Kirov street 32, sq. 1;

– The Crimea, city. Feodosia, 34 Lenina St., apt. 27

Captain 2nd rank in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Called for military service: 01.08.1994

Identification number: 2796817759

Mobile number: +380995051911, +380969446628, +79788207613

Occupation: Collaborator, betrayed the oath of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, serving in the Russian Federation Special Operations Forces

Service record:

Service record:

2002 – Deputy Commander of the Airborne Assault Company of the Separate Battalion of Marines in the military unit A4214, Senior Lieutenant;

2005 – 7th Separate Brigade of Special Operations of the Ukrainian Navy, Lieutenant-Captain;

2009 – commander of the special operations group of the special operations detachment of the unit A1594, Lieutenant-Captain;

2011 – 7th Detached Brigade of Special Operations of the Navy of Ukraine – deputy commander of the special operations detachment with airborne training of diving specialists of the 73rd Maritime Special Operations Center of Intelligence Department of the Navy of Ukraine;

2013 – 29th Naval Reconnaissance Naval Station of Ukraine, Captain 3rd rank;

2014 – Commander of the 29th Naval Reconnaissance Post of the Navy of Ukraine, Sevastopol, military unit A0840, Captain 2nd Rank;

2022 – 561 Emergency Rescue Center of Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Service on the side of the occupier:

He voluntarily took the side of the occupant, moreover, he welcomed the Russian invaders with open arms near the checkpoint of his own unit. According to Nikolai’s former servicemen, they characterized him as a patriot, but it was very unexpected that an officer with such a serious service record and level of individual training could so easily and quickly betray the interests of his country.

When the seizure of a military unit took place, or rather the unimpeded passage through the checkpoint, few would have expected such actions from a commander at that level.

Nikolai Konstantinovich first gave the invaders radio stations, and later made a speech to the personnel, where he proposed to make a transition to the side of the Russian Federation due to an increase in wages and receiving the status of a participant in hostilities.

All in all, it is interesting enough to know what might have induced an officer of this level to switch to the side of the occupier. After all, behind his back and training in the U.S., which was organized by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, participation in international conflict, and even receiving a green beret from Queen Elizabeth II.

It is unlikely that all these achievements will be taken into account and appreciated in the rf, and most importantly, whether the rf can provide such a high level of education and training for its personnel as Ukraine has been able to do.