Full name: Myroshnichenko Nikolai Nikolaevich

Date of birth: 21.01.1967

Place of birth: Kazakhstan

Place of residence: Zaporizhzhya region, city of Berdyansk, Chernyshevskogo street 78, Petrovskogo street 14, sq. 1

Identification number: 2449214677

Mobile numbers: +380955465192, +380688318051

Occupation: t.n. Head of the City Health Department of Berdyansk Administration


Life before the occupation:

Prior to defecting to the side of the occupant, he served as a pediatrician. He managed to prove himself in the city with a positive side. Worthy of high praise from patients for his high level of professionalism.

Beginning in 2014, he and his colleagues traveled to the war zone on a volunteer basis. While in the “gray zone” and more dangerous places, he provided medical aid to defenders of Ukraine and to all those in need. He brought medicines to the soldiers, children and pensioners.

Cooperating with the local city administration, helped children and everyone in need to restore their health in sanatoriums in Berdyansk.

Collaborationist activities:

However, with the beginning of the occupation of Berdyansk went over to the side of the occupant, where he was soon appointed to the position of so-called. the head of the city health department of Berdyansk administration.

Performs administrative and administrative functions on the instructions of representatives of the occupation authorities. It searches for persons willing to work under the occupation authorities.