Full name: Morgunov Nikolay Viktorovich

Marital status: married

Date of birth: September 10, 1972

Place of birth: Lugansk Region, Bryanka

Places of residence:

  • Luhansk region, Bryanka;
  • 4 microdistrict, 52, sq. 7;
  • 2, sq. 79, Molodezhny Microdistrict.


  • 1989-1994– Donbas Mining and Metallurgical Institute, qualification: Mining Engineer;
  • 1994-1996Bryankovsk Technical and Economic College, qualification: economist;
  • 2007-2010– Kharkov Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, qualification: master of public administration

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: EM056990

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad: EN781909

Certificate of a member of an illegal paramilitary formation: TN017537

Identification number: 2655112596, 2658101292

Mobile numbers: +380505821823, +380979636804, +380504262869, +380713033634

Email address: [email protected]

Personal vehicle: 2007 Chevrolet Aveo, license plate: BB5329AT

Occupation: Acting Head of the Severodonetsk City Administration



Wife – Morgunova Irina Veniaminovna, 27.01.1972.

Son – Morgunov Victor Nikolaevich, 30.06.1996.

Daughter – Morgunova Polina Nikolaevna, 20.11.2003.

Father – Morgunov Viktor Nikolaevich, 01.01.1950

Mother – Morgunova Olga Ivanovna, 30.08.1950

Brother – Morgunov Denis Viktorovich, 13.06.1977.

Labor Activities:

1987 – 1st class auxiliary worker at the economic settlement site for the production of reinforced concrete structures of the Stakhanovuglegorsk trust;


  • mining master;
  • assistant site manager;
  • deputy site manager;
  • Head of the section of the Krasnopolyevskaya mine for coal mining;

1997-1998– mining foreman, leading economist – consultant of the Social Adaptation Center of the Directorate of the liquidated mine “Bryankovskaya” of the Ukrainian State Restructuring Company;

1998-1999– Consultant at the Social Adaptation Center of the Interregional Foundation “Business Center”;

1999-2000– Director of the Bryankovsk Fund for the Support of Entrepreneurs;

2001-2003– Head of the secretariat of the Bryankovsk city branch of the Lugansk regional public organization “Region“;

2003-2006– assistant-consultant of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine E.O. Tskitishvili;

2006-2010– Deputy Mayor on the activities of executive bodies of Bryankovsky City Council;

2010-2014– Bryankovsky mayor;

2014 – Head of the Administration of Bryanka “lnr.

The Political Way:

2006 – ran for deputy of the Bryankovsk City Council;

2009 – the leader of the Bryankovsk city public organization “People’s Initiatives”;

2009 – member of the “Party of Regions.

Collaborationist activities:

With the beginning of the active phase of hostilities in eastern Ukraine, he began to actively support the actions of the occupation authorities and the Russian Federation’s policy towards the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

He took part in the so called. referendum in the self-determination of the “LnR.

As mayor of Bryanka, he campaigned among the local population on July 17, 2014. He suggested that the residents should secede from Ukraine in favor of the so-called “Lnr.

He assured me that after the so-called The Ukrainian government began artificially blocking the treasury and the pension fund and creating a destabilizing situation.

The Russian Federation’s recognition of the so-called “LNR,” which, in turn, allows its residents to obtain Russian citizenship, is an indisputable achievement. Also, citizenship of the Russian Federation will allow you to feel safe and exercise your rights.

Claimed that he would direct all efforts to demonstrate to the rf that the so-called “Lnr” was part of the russian people and the “russian world.

He distributed the symbols of the so-called “LNR” in the city. On Nikolai Viktorovich’s personal instruction, they began installing billboards with symbols and flags of the so-called “LNR” in the city.

Having carte blanche opportunities in the city, especially given the difficult political situation, assisted the occupation troops. Provided the aggressor with living quarters and vehicles.