Full name: Skoryy Nikolay Viktorovich

Date of birth: 14.07.1961

Address: Ukraine, s. Kavkaz, Nikolaev region, Lenina str. 20

INN: 2995508951

Passport: EP078208

Телефон: +380954406083,+380663485461


-formerdirector of a collective farm;

-deputy of the Mykolaiv regional council;

-an accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator.

State traitor Skoryi Nikolai Viktorovich was born July 14, 1961 in the village of Tatyanovka Bereznevatskogo district of Nikolaev region. He has a college degree in agriculture. Graduated from Kherson State Agrarian University. Ph.

He served as chairman of the collective farm “Prometheus” in the Bashtansk district of the Nikolaev region.

Nikolai Skoryi is also known for his political activities with pro-Russian overtones. Gosizmennik Skoryi was the head of the Bereznevatsk district party organization of the Communist Party of Ukraine.

He was a member of the Mykolaiv regional council from the New State faction. Also in 2012, Nikolai Viktorovich ran for the Verkhovna Rada of the 7th convocation in the 130th majoritarian district from the Communist Party of Ukraine.

In 2015, the traitor Skoryi ran for the Nikolayev regional council of the 7th convocation in the 9th majoritarian district from the political party “Left Opposition”.

Traitor Nikolai Viktorovich is also known for his anti-Ukrainian statements and actions.

In 2016, the state traitor insulted the state symbol of Ukraine, calling the country’s flag “Bandera. Also, a former activist of the Communist Party of Ukraine during a session in the Mykolaiv Regional Council sat while his colleagues stood during the sounding of the national anthem of Ukraine.

Nikolai Skoryi was also engaged in separatist activities on the territory of the Mykolaiv region. On more than one occasion, the treasonist intended to organize mass protests against the incumbent government, raising the issue of the federalization of Ukraine and the annexation of certain territories to the Russian Federation.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian occupation troops on February 24, 2022, the collaborator Skory supported the actions of the rf and cooperated with the occupiers. An accomplice of the occupants used his own vehicles to drive and station Russian military personnel in neighboring villages, where he allegedly “studied the situation in which their military equipment and personnel were deployed.

Also, the collaborator Nikolai Skory allowed the use of the property of the farm by the occupation troops. Also allocated the collective farm workshops for the repair of military equipment orcs.

For complicity with the Russian occupation troops collaborator Skoryi Nikolai Viktorovich will answer to the law on all his merits. After all, betrayal of the motherland cannot be forgiven.