Full name: Nikolay Vladimirovich Terentyev

Date of birth: March 20, 1986

Place of birth: rf

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Oleshki, str. Eastern 38/39

Passport: MR 470341

INN: 3149000076

Driver’s license: VAE238419,VAE211336,VHT048320.

Contacts: +380950971452,+380668144487,+380950971452

Email: [email protected]


Mother – Terentyeva Svetlana Mikhailovna, 17.03.1966.

Place of birth: Ukraine, Nikolaev

INN: 2418209125

Wife – Terentyeva Natalia Sergeevna, 07.04.1986

Place of birth: Ukraine, Kherson

INN: 3150800143

Contacts: +380665830601,+380954164192,+380665830601

Email: [email protected]



– founder of a public sports organization in Oleški;

– an employee of the “ministry of youth policy and sports”;

– Chairman of the “Oleshkovsky Election Commission”;

– traitor, collaborator



Terentyev Nikolay Vladimirovich – accomplice illegal elections in the temporarily occupied territories of UkraineMr. Terentyev, a traitor to Ukraine, was born on March 20, 1986 on the territory of the Russian Federation. Over time, Mykola’s family moved to the Kherson region, namely to Oleshkovsky district, Oleshki, where the Terentyevs’ place of registration at the address Vostochnaya Street 38., sq.39 is indicated.

He has a higher education. Graduated from Kherson Agrarian and Economic University, worked for some time in his specialty. Also since childhood Nikolay was fond of sports and connected his labor activity with the sports sphere. After all, Nicholas himself is a professional athlete in the field of weightlifting, was a member of the national team of the city.

Together with his wife Terentieva Svetlana, who since 2013 worked in the Department of Social Protection of the population of Oleshki district state administration of Kherson region Nikolay established a public sports organization “Sports Club Iron Empire“, registered at the address Kherson region, Oleshki district, Oleshki town, Vostochnaya street, 39, apartment 38.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

In the biography of Nikolai Vladimirovich everything would have been fine, if he had not betrayed his native country and was not among those traitors and accomplices of the occupation regime, who in the first days of the war went over to the enemy side in the temporarily occupied part of the Kherson region.

Voluntarily and on his own initiative, Terentyev Nikolai cooperated with the occupation authorities. He took the position of the chairman of the Russian organization “Weightlifting Federation” in Oleshki. He also took the position of the director of Children’s and Youth Sports School No. 3 and formalized the institution according to the Russian legislation. He received a passport and Russian citizenship.

Participation in pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine:

In January 2023, a collaborator hosted “the first championship of Kherson region in weightlifting in the Russian Federation“Together with other collaborators from the same “ministry”, Mykola traveled to the city of Skadovsk with the support of the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sport of Kherson Oblast. temporarily occupied Crimea for “work on integration in the field of physical education and sport”.

Since Terentyev is in favor of “of the Russian world“the occupation and violent actions carried out by the aggressor country against Ukraine and its people, in anticipation of the for the Rascist planned election in September 2023. the statesman has registered his candidacy from the political party “united Russia“.The collaborator managed to “shine” at the preliminary voting and agreed to head the Oleshkivka TEC, Oleshkivka municipal district, Brilovka settlement, Jubilee Square 10.

Mykola Terentyev – a man who committedtreasonagainst Ukraine and encroached on the territorial integrity of Ukraine will sooner or later be held accountable for all his crimes.