Full name: Belyaeva Ninel Vasilyevna

Date of birth: 17.07.1973

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, “Ivanovsky municipal district”


– Secretary of the primary branch No. 531 of the Yalta local branch of theUnited RussiaParty, Alupka;

– Specialist of the Social Insurance Fund Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy under the occupants in Kherson Oblast;

– Head of the “Municipal Budgetary Institution “Housing and Communal Services and Improvement Service of Ivanovo Municipal District, Kherson Oblast”


Belyaeva Ninel Vasilyevna – traitor of Ukraine and accomplice of the Russian occupation troops was born on July 17, 1973 in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Dina Eduardovna worked in the city of Alupka under the city administration in the sphere of social services. Then she was employed in the Department of Labor and Social Protection as a specialist in the accrual of social assistance of the citizens’ service department.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

After the annexation of Crimea, she supported the policy of the Russian occupants and worked as the secretary of the primary branch #531 of the Yalta local branch of theUnited Russiaparty in Alupka.

After thefull-scaleinvasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, a traitor and collaborator of the Russian regime voluntarily cooperated with the occupation authorities in the Kherson region.

She took the position of “acting specialist of the branch of the social insurance fund of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy under the occupants in Kherson region”. The collaborator then agreed to the occupants’ offer to work as a supervisor in the “municipal budgetary institution “service of housing and communal services and improvement of Ivanovo municipal district of Kherson region“.

The traitor from Crimea actively promotes the ideas of “Russian peace” and conducts propaganda work among the population aimed at supporting the Russian occupants.

Belyaeva Ninel Vasilyevna is a traitor to the Motherland and a despicable collaborator, for which she will soon have to answer both to the law and to the people of Ukraine.