❗️The firstof the top five gauleiters on the explosive partisan list is gone.

Today around 6 am it was loud outside the house of the pseudo-head of the KP “Vodokanal” Yuri Onishchuk💥

The collaborator is remembered by the people of Melitopol for his record of fraud:

📯 Trashed and looted the premises of the Housing and Utilities Board during the transfer of property to the CP “Zhilmassiv” in 2016.

📯 owed his employees more than 2 million. UAH. salaries.

📯 As a deputy participated in organizing a fake basement session in the business center of the collaborant and chief Balitsky.

📯 Regularly, together with Danilchenko, he disrupted sessional meetings of Melitopol city council.

📯 Currently actively helping to organize a pseudo-referendum.

Or should I say, helped. They say he got pretty scared after the explosions. But at least the same participation awaits every lover of the “Russian world” and fake referendums.

To the next one, get ready.

More information in the channel.