Full Name:
Chepil (Alekseenko) Oksana

Ukraine, Kachkarovka village, Berislavsky district, Kherson oblast


– librarian-ideologue of the“Russian world“;

– organizer of propaganda activities under the occupiers;

– Traitor to the Motherland, collaborator


Chepil (Alekseenko) Oksana – pseudo-teacher who betrayed her country was born in Ukraine in the village of Kachkarovka, Berislavsky district, Kherson region. Before the war she worked abroad as an organizer of children’s parties.

The teacher who returned to Ukraine after 5 years of living in another country and who was supposed to teach children patriotism and love for their country turned out to be a despicable traitor and accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities. After the beginning of the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine in 2022, Oksana went over to the side of the occupiers, because she chose the values of the“Russian world“.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

Now the traitor works as a bibliotaker in the educational complex “Skadovska library-branch” (Chaplinka). The collaborator conducts propaganda activities among children and forces them to implement the Rashist ideology; she is subordinate to the so-called“Ministry of Culture and Education”.

The traitor also participates in the organization of cultural festivals for the younger generation with Rashist symbols. Conducts propaganda work among the population against Ukraine, supports the occupants, distributes their humanitarian aid.

Also, her cultural “activity” was marked by the gauleiters of Berislav district in the form of pseudo-grams and pathetic gifts. She received a certificate of completion of a course on conducting propaganda in biblotheques, and gave interviews to the Rashist media with anti-Ukrainian statements against her native language and culture.

Oksana Chepil is an accomplice of the Putin regime in Ukraine, as well as an accomplice to the crimes of the Russian occupiers against Ukraine and its citizens, for which she will certainly have to answer.