Full name: Oksana Rassulova

Date of birth: born in 1984.

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Skadovsk town




– an accomplice of the Russian occupying power;

– Lawyer for the “LnR” occupation structures;

– State traitor, collaborator


Traitor and collaborator, state traitor – Rassulova Oksana was born in 1984 in the town of Skadovsk, Kherson region. Worked in state-owned institutions. Before Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine, she worked in one of the departments under the city administration.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

When the occupation of the Kherson region began, Oksana showed more and more commitment to the “Russian world”.

After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian invaders in February 2022, Rassulova made no secret of her pro-Russian stance. At the moment, the collaborator cooperates with the occupation authorities of rf in the occupied territory of Kherson region, spreads the ideas of “Russian peace“, justifies the military aggression of rf against Ukraine.

The traitor also holds a position in an illegal judicial body established in the temporarily occupied territory. The woman is the “head of the legal department” at the illegally established occupation body – t.nz military-civil administration.

In this position, the collaborator Rassulova organizes legal work, participates in briefings with representatives of the t.nz administration, makes reports and evaluates the work of pseudo-organizations of the Skadov administration.

For betraying the Motherland and “serving” the interests of the occupants, the lawyer of the occupation administration will be justly punished before the tribunal. The collaborator will soon be held responsible for all her crimes and anti-Ukrainian stance.