Full Name: Oleg Evgenyevich Alexandrov

Date of Birth: 12.03.1987

Place of birth: Brusovo-2 settlement, Tver region

Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel, commander of the 17th Tank Regiment of the 70th Division of the 18th Army, war criminal

Places of residence:

  • г. Moscow, Chistova street, 16, bldg. 6, sq.35.
  • Belgorod region, Valuiki, May 1, ul.1, 28 (2022)
  • Altai Territory, Aleisk, 78 Oleshko St., Q.7 (2014)


  • passport: 2806743822
  • TIN: 691605540198
  • SNILS: 12289822780


  • Skoda Kodiaq, K656ON790.



Wife: Alexandrova (Yudina) Tatiana Sergeyevna

Date of birth: 20.03.1981



Daughter: Alexandrova Yaroslava Olegovna

Date of birth: 27.09.2009


Daughter: Darina Olegovna Alexandrova

Date of Birth: 04.07.2019

Mother: Alexandrova (Shuravina) Tatiana Nikolaevna

Date of birth: 14.10.1954



Biography of Oleg Alexandrov

Oleg Alexandrov was born on March 12, 1987 in the village of Brusovo-2, Tver region. He grew up in the town of Udomlya, spent four years in the local U.V.S.K. “Patriot”. In 2008, he graduated from the Moscow Higher Military Command School, and in 2020 – from the All-Union Military Academy of the Russian Federation.

Oleg Alexandrov: war crimes

Participates in the aggression against Ukraine since April 2021. He was awarded the “Order of Courage for the liberation of the territory of the DnR”. In October 2022, he was undergoing rehabilitation after suffering heavy losses suffered by his regiment in Ukraine.

Now Aleksandrov commands the 17th Tank Regiment (v/h 12315) of the 70th Division. This unit has held positions on the left bank of the Dnieper River in the Kherson region since the summer of 2023. Aleksandrov’s subordinates commit war crimes against civilians in the temporarily occupied territories.

Also, units of the 70th Division are taking part in the destruction of residences and critical infrastructure on the right bank. Bombardments of Kherson, Berislav, Kozatskoye and other settlements constantly cause civilian casualties.

in an interview
Oleg Alexandrov said that “people are looking forward to the liberation of their native Russian lands and do not want to live under the oppression of fascist scoundrels”. He also boasts of the “feats” of his grandfather, who “went through the Great Patriotic War and then finished off the Benderites in Western Ukraine.”

Aleksandrov laid all the blame for the war crimes of the Russian army on the Ukrainians. They say that “Putin wanted to do everything humanely, in a friendly way, but Ukrainians and their government did not understand it”. He also admits that the Rashists did not expect the AFU to resist the occupation.


Oleg Alexandrov is married, raises two daughters: Yaroslava and Darina. The war criminal apparently realizes that responsibility for his atrocities is inevitable Therefore, he tried to hide his family, their personal data and social media profiles. However, there is no escape from justice.