Full name: Boyarintsev Oleg Anatolievich

Date of birth: 10.10.1974

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Sumy region, Glukhov district, town of Glukhov

Places of residence:

Sumy region, Glukhov district, the city of Glukhov

  • ul. 14 Yarmarkovaya St., apt. 2;
  • ul. Losenka, 22.

г. Kiev

  • ul. Chelyabinskaya, 17;
  • str. Svyatoshinskaya 2, sq. 75


Glukhov Technical School, technician-mechanic of irrigation and drainage works;

Glukhov State Pedagogical Institute;

Ukrainian Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine

Identification number: 2731110950

Personal vehicle: Audi Q7

License plate: AA5055RA

Mobile number: +380503344100

Occupation: Executive director for personnel matters of the state enterprise “Energoatom”


Labor Path:

1993-1998 – instructor of military-patriotic education of Glukhiv city organization “Grad” of the Union ofsoldiers-internationalists of Ukraine;

2000-2001 – Specialist, Head of Internal Policy Department of Glukhiv City Council;

2006-2008 – Head of the Patronage Service of the President of the State Enterprise “Energoatom”;


  • the head of the military-patriotic club “Courage” in Glukhov;
  • founder of Lexfort LLC;
  • co-founder of Block Energy LLC in Sumy;
  • President of the Boxing Federation in the Sumy region;

2020 – President of the state enterprise “Energoatom”;

2020 – executive director for personnel matters of the state enterprise “Energoatom”.

The Political Way:

2003-2006Assistant-Consultant to the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andrei Derkach;

2008 – assistant consultant to the people’s deputy;

2011 – Deputy Head of the Sumy Regional State Administration;

2014 – created the deputy party “will of the people”, which consisted of deputies of the “party of regions”;

2015 – ran for the Sumy Regional Council of the 7th convocation from the political party “People’s Will”;

2019 – he ran in the early elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the political party “Oplizh”.

Activities on the side of the occupier:

Suspected of cooperating with the occupation troops of the Russian Federation. For a long time he worked at the state enterprise Energoatom, where he managed to place people close to him, who are related to top officials and businessmen from the Russian Federation.

Moreover, while working for Energoatom, he made financial schemes to establish a puppet leadership. One of these was Petr Borisovich Kotin, then acting president of Energoatom.

Also since 2003 he closely cooperates with the people’s deputy of Ukraine of the 3rd-7th convocation Andrey Derkach, on whom personal sanctions were imposed by the USA for the attempt to influence on the presidential elections, he is also accused of long-term undercover work for the benefit of the Russian Federation. It is worth noting that Andrei Derkach was also involved in the placement of “proven individuals” in key positions during the term of Viktor Yushchenko.

In March 2020, it became known that Oleg Boyarintsev was detained by Ukrainian counterintelligence officers on suspicion of high treason.

It should be noted that Oleg Boyarintsev has long been the honorary president of the Glukhov public organization of the military-patriotic club “Courage. Members of this club are accused of pro-Russian and separatist sentiments.

It is important to note that many members of this organization can “boast” of having participated in anti-Maidan rallies and various rallies.