Full Name:
Oleg Vyacheslavovich Dadonov

Date of Birth:

Place of birth:
Ukraine, Poltava

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk

Passport of a citizen of rf:


– former U.S. Army, Lieutenant Colonel;

– real estate and construction businessman;

– a serviceman of the “Lnr People’s Militia“;

– a member of the “swo.”

– Candidate for the “People’s Council of Lnr”


Oleg Dadonov, a civil servant who brutally betrayed Ukraine and fought for the “Russian world“, was born on July 6, 1968 in Poltava in the family of a serviceman. My father is a military pilot, and both grandfathers were career officers who went through World War II. Great-grandfather was a general in the Tsar’s army.

Labor Activities:

His life path Dadonov connected with service in the army. After school he entered the Voroshilovgrad Higher Military Aviation School and received the specialty “navigator-engineer”. So Oleg Vyacheslavovich became a pilot in the third generation. Participated in peacekeeping armed contingents of UN forces.

Dadonov retired in 2005 and became a veteran of the armed forces with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. From 2007 to 2014, he was in the real estate and construction business.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

When Russian occupiers invaded Ukraine in 2014, the retired militant Dadanov was not left behind. Oleg Vyacheslavovich volunteered in the militia to “fight the Kiev junta“. From 2014 to 2018, he held various positions in the ranks of the “people’s militia of lnr“, including chief of artillery.

Also in his old age Dadanov decided to get another education and in 2021 graduated from the Republican Agrarian University with a degree in “management”, and with the onset of full-scale military aggression of rf against Ukraine Oleg Vyacheslavovich went to volunteer in the zone of the so-called “сво“. Oleg Vyacheslavovich volunteered in the zone of the so-called “yours”, in / h 40321, where he took the position of deputy commander of a separate rifle unit.

In July 2022, Oleg Dadanov was on the list of 73 candidates from the party “Just Russia – Patriots for Truth” for the September pseudo-election of deputies to the “People’s Council of Lnr“, because his grandfather once again wants to emphasize his love for Russia and Putin.

Having become a traitor in his old age, former AFU serviceman Oleg Vyacheslavovich Dadonov condemned himself to a shameful end, which is getting closer and closer to him every day.