Full name: Kvach Oleg Valentinovich

Date of birth: 07.03.1967

TIN: 2453708252

Place of birth: Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, Melitopol.

Address of residence: Melitopol, 41 Sadovaya Street, a quarter of 63.

Cell phone: +380676177306


  • the head of the occupied Melitopolgaz PAT.


Collaborationist activities:

Oleg Valentinovich Kvach was born March 7, 1967 in the city of Melitopol, which is located in Zaporozhye region.

After the full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine by Russian invaders on February 24, 2022, Oleg Kvach supported the policy of the occupation authorities and went over to the side of the enemy himself.

In order to save his position as head of the occupied Melitopolgaz PAT, he collaborated with the occupiers and began working for them.

Kvach Oleg is still serving the separatists, running errands for them.

After the de-occupation of Zaporizhzhia region, Oleg will go to prison under Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for treason against his country.