Full name: Oleg Nikolayevich Lavryonov

Date of birth: 09.11.1969

Address: Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya region, Energodar city

Contacts: +380501807089


– an employee of the ZNPP;

– An accomplice of Russian troops, a collaborator

– local occupation official


A resident of Zaporizhzhya region, who believed in the “Russian world“, engaged in aiding and abetting the Rashists – Oleg Lavryonov. Lavryonov’s hometown is Boryspil, Kiev region. Worked at ZNPP as an electrician. For his work for the good of the state he received an apartment and a dacha plot. But he turned out to be a pseudo-patriot who for the sake of Putin’s regime sold out for rubles and betrayed Ukraine.

Before the invasion of Russian troops, as well as after the invasion of Energodar, he held a pro-Russian position and sentiments, promoting the culture of the Russian world and the Russian president “Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin“.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

With the full-scale invasion of the Russian occupants in Zaporizhzhya region, Lavryonova made himself a Russian SIM-card of a mobile operator, went around and recommended it to everyone. As soon as the Russian troops entered in columns of equipment and occupied the administrative buildings of Energodar, one of the first to run to the representatives of the Russian troops “to bow” to ask for a position.

Thus Oleg became an employee of the administration, in common parlance a “six”, to collect local sentiments and report to the “local interim administration“.

The collaborator has pro-Russian views. He helped the invaders, provided housing for Russian soldiers, held fundraisers to support the Russians. Military. Together with the occupation law enforcement agencies, he agitated pro-Ukrainian locals to defect to the side of the aggressor country.

Conducted active anti-Ukrainian propaganda. He turned in people who help the AFU and support Ukraine.

Oleg Lavryonov will be severely punished for betraying Ukraine and the Ukrainian people !