Full name: Savchenko Oleg Petrovich

Date of birth: April 19, 1977

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Luhansk Region, Sverdlovsk District, urban-type settlement Melovoye

Places of residence:

Luhansk region, Sverdlovsky district, Melovoye urban-type settlement

  • ul. 128 Luncharsky St., apt. 13;
  • ul. January 16, 10;
  • ul. 128 Tsentralnaya St., apt. 13.

Education: National Law Academy of Ukraine named after M. V. Lomonosov. Yaroslav the Wise

Specialty: Jurisprudence, Faculty of Forensic Science

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: ЕК429182, ЕН776750

Identification number: 2823312317

Moves the following vehicles:

– Dacia Logan gray color, license plate: BB1445EB;

– Reno Megane gray color, number: BB2373ES

Mobile numbers: +380638498219, +380988531029, +380502551528, +380646522879, +380953538090, +380969161218, +380987944184, +380725098222, 79885537392

Email address: [email protected], [email protected]

Firearms: MP43 number 1011594 hunting weapon

occupation: first deputy head of the administration of the Melovo district of the LNR;

Labor Path:

2008-2010– Deputy Head of the Melovo District Municipal Administration;

2010-2015Head of the Melovo District State Administration;

2012 – Chairman of the Melovo State District Administration;

2015-2017– Manager of the Melovo District Administration;

2020 – Head of Milovo Territorial Community

2021 – head of the Melovo United Territorial Community;


  • Head of the Melovo City Council of the Luhansk region;
  • heads of the Melovo village council;
  • Acting administration of the Milovsky district of the “LNR;
  • first deputy head of the administration of the Melovo district of the LNR;

The Political Way:

2001 – Head of the Milovsky district organization of the “Party of Regions;

2006 – ran for parliament on behalf of the “Party of Regions”;

2010 – elected to the Lugansk Regional Council from the “Party of Regions;

2014 – Head of the Milovsky District Organization from the “Party of Regions;

2022 – member of the political party “opzj”.

Activities on the side of the occupier:

He independently defected to the side of the occupier, for which he was awarded the “high” position of the so-called. of the first deputy administration of the Milovsky district of the LNR.

A separate area of focus for Oleg Petrovich in the Melovo administration was humanitarian supplies. The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has repeatedly negotiated with representatives of the Russian Federation for the implementation of the so called. The assistance to civilians in the village of Melovoye.

He used the humanitarian aid he received from the Russian Federation as a means of exerting pressure on the civilian population. Spreading the word that Ukraine had abandoned its people, telling them that the rf was ready to help and implement a constructive policy to reach a compromise and end the war.

He supports the Russian president’s aggressive policy regarding the occupation of Ukraine, because he is convinced that Ukraine launched an operation against Donbass and Luhansk back in 2014. He asserted that the Ukrainian armed forces destroyed the bridge in Streltsovka village and damaged several buildings in Melovoye.