Full name: Tarabaka Oleg Anatolievich

Date of birth: August 27, 1977

Address: Ukraine, Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson region, 30, Gorky str.

Passport: MO218422

INN: 2836300653

Phone: +380504944099, +380554951833

Sim card ID: 255011230146388


-head of a utility company in the city of Nova Kakhovka;

-deputy mayor of Nova Kakhovka;

-A state traitor, collaborator of the occupants, collaborator of the occupants.


Traitor Tarabaka Oleg Anatolievich was born in the urban village of Novovoskresenskoye, Novokakhovsky district of Kherson region.

He graduated from Kherson State University with a degree in economics. In the city of Nova Kakhovka owned a small part of the business. He was the head of the Novokakhovsky Passenger Utility Company.

The traitor Oleg Tarabaka also proved himself as a statesman and public figure. He was the first deputy mayor of Nova Kakhovka, Vladimir Kovalenko.

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian occupation authorities, the state traitor Tarabaka Oleg Anatolievich defected to the side of the enemy and took a leading position in the city administration of Nova Kakhovka from the occupation authorities.

As of 14.03.2022, Oleg Tarabaka, an accomplice of the Russian occupants, was assisting armed formations, namely the commander of one of the military units of the Russian Federation (call sign Ataman).

In parallel with his collaborationist activities, the traitor Tarabaka was also engaged in “love affairs. It is known that Yelena Khodorkovskaya, the mistress of the pseudo-head, was providing medical care to the orcs.

In July 2022, the mayor of Nova Kakhovka Vladimir Kovalenko and his first deputy Oleg Tarabaka stated that “it is impossible to work in the city due to constant pressure from the Russian military, so it would be better to run the city remotely. Thus, the “rats fleeing the ship” Kovalenko and Tarabaka fled to Zaporizhzhia in order to remove the suspicions of collaborators.

But you can’t run away from fate. And for all the crimes against Ukraine and its citizens will have to answer and receive a fair punishment.