Full name: Tsarev Oleg Anatolievich

Date of birth: 02.06.1970


– Crimea, Ukraine (temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation);

– с. Starye Kodaki, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine.


Higher – Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, specialization in automation and electronics of physical installations (1987-1992)

Website: http://www.olegtsarov.com


– entrepreneur;

– people’s deputy of Ukraine of IV, V, VI, VII convocations;

– traitor to Ukraine, an agent of the Kremlin’s influence;

– Collaborator, Speaker of Parliament t.v. “Novorossiya;

– anti-Ukrainian propagandist.



His wife is Larisa Anatolievna Tsaryova, born March 7, 1968.

mother – Nina Vasilyevna Tsaryova, born November 27, 1965.

father – Anatoly Ivanovich Tsarev

daughter – Olga Olegovna Tsareva, born 02.10.1999.

daughter – Ekaterina Olegovna Tsareva, born in 11.10.2003, died on 15.07.2021.

half-brother – Mikhail Tsarev

son – Igor Olegovich Tsarev, born on April 1, 2008.

son – Maxim Olegovich Tsarev, born in May 11, 1995.

The future traitor to the Fatherland, Oleg Tsaryov, was born in the city of Dnepropetrovsk (now Dnepr), Ukraine, into the family of Nina Tsaryova, a chemist, and Anatoly Tsaryov, a rocket engineer. Shortly after Oleg’s birth his parents divorced, but he had a half-brother, Mikhail, from his father’s second marriage; more about him will be outlined below. Tsaryov received his secondary education at Ternopil School No. 10, from which he graduated in 1987.

After graduating from high school, Oleg Tsarev moved to Moscow to study at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MIFI), majoring in automation and electronics of physical facilities. Oleg graduated after the collapse of the Soviet Union and moved back to Ukraine. However, poverty and destitution after the collapse of the Soviet Union did not affect Tsarev much; immediately after graduation he took a job as a production engineer and a year later became director of a Ukrainian financial insurance company. Before being elected People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Tsaryov served as director or deputy director at various industrial enterprises in Dnipropetrovsk.

In 2002, Oleg Tsarev went into politics. He was elected a People’s Deputy of Ukraine in the majoritarian electoral district #40 in Dnepropetrovsk region. He became a member of the Party of Regions. In all convocations in which Tsarev was elected, he was a member of the faction of the same name in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Unfortunately, Tsaryov’s parliamentary activity was distinguished not by his publicly important bills and work in committees, but by his fights in the conference room with the opposition and his support for the usurpation of the current government, supporting the so-called Euromaidan during the events of 2014. January 16″ laws, better known as “dictatorial” laws.

Since the beginning of the mass protests in the center of Kiev against the current government, Tsaryov has taken a tough stance against the protesters. Thus, he called the activists “terrorists, bandits and extremists,” and called on the police to solve the issue by force, stating that “we need to clear the streets, dismantle the barricades and release the seized buildings.

Shortly after the February 2014 events in the center of Kiev, Yanukovych’s escape from Ukraine, and the beginning of Russia’s occupation of the Crimean Peninsula, Oleg Tsarev began his anti-Ukrainian activities. He ran as a candidate for President of Ukraine, but later withdrew his candidacy. After the beginning of the ATO in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, Oleg betrayed Ukraine and defected to the pro-Russian illegal armed groups. He spoke out against the territorial integrity of Ukraine, announcing the need for the so-called “referendum on the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions” and The creation of a quasi-state formation, the so-called “Novorossiya.which, he said, would include southeastern and southern Ukraine. But after falling under the disgrace of the Kremlin handlers shortly after the Minsk agreements were signed, Oleg Tsaryov lay low, occasionally appearing on Russian TV channels.

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022, Oleg Tsaryov “woke up” and began propaganda activities against Ukraine, inciting discord between the Russian and Ukrainian people and speaking out against the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Tsaryov does not even shy away from the most disgusting act – justifying the mass murder of civilians by the Russian military in Bucha. Moreover, according to the SBU, he encouraged his half-brother Mikhail to commit acts of sabotage against Ukraine while holed up in Russia, which is still safe for him.

In the end, we can say that Oleg Tsarev is a telling example of a morally bankrupt collaborator and traitor who is even despicable, but should be remembered in order to prevent such moral freaks from coming to power.