Full name: Zhovtobryukh Oleg Viktorovich

Address: Ukraine, Khartsyzsk Donetsk region, st.Voinov-Internationalistov,16.

Phone: +79493277870


– head of the Khartsyzsk city branch of the“Free Donbass” public movement;

– The “dnr” is an accomplice of illegal armed formations;

– participant in the preliminary voting of theUnited Russiaparty;

– traitor, collaborator

1. 2019- Medal “Volunteer of Donbass”;

2. 2020-“Person of the Year” nomination “Mercy” Khartsyzsk dr;

3. 2021- Public Medal “For Charity and Mercy”;

4. 2021 – “St. George’s Cross” for assistance to the Republic of Abkhazia in 1992;

5. 2022- “Gold Star of the Hero of Volunteer and Public Labor” Republic of Abkhazia.



Oleg Viktorovich Zhovtovbryukh is a state traitor, an accomplice of the Rashists since 2014, born in the city of Khartsyzk in the Donetsk region. In 1976. went to the first grade of secondary school №24.

In 1984 he received a certificate of eight years of education and entered the Khartsyzsk Metallurgical Technical School, specialty “Equipment of ferrous metallurgy plants – treatment of metals by pressure.
From June 1987 to July 1989. I served in the military service in the military part of the 92887 (14 Special Battalion of the Ministry of Defense Communications) in Podolsk (Kuznechiki).
1989-1995г. I used to work in the “Microdin” security service – cash collection in Moscow.
1992г. assistance of the Republic of Abkhazia in solving the military conflict (volunteer).
1990-1995г. Graduated from the Moscow State Evening Metallurgical Institute (MGVMI) – Faculty of Informatics, Mechanics and Control – Metal Working.

2010-2014г. The “Cerber-Don” security firm in Donetsk – head of security, where under his leadership personal files were taken to the territory of the “dnr”. Thus, since 2014, Oleg has been providing comprehensive assistance and support to illegal armed groups in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk region. Justifies the war and occupation of Ukraine.

His career in the “Donetsk people’s republic” Oleg Viktorovich started with work in the first republican military commissariat as an assistant head of the department of operational duty dnr, where he also joined the ranks of the “free Donbass” public movement.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

In 2015, as an assistant to a deputy from the “Free Donbass” faction, he began a very “fruitful” work for the occupiers, coordinating issues on the humanitarian side.

Oleg Zhovtobryukh is also the organizer of many Russian events in the Donetsk region and has organized social projects under the Russian flag.

The collaborator also conducts “explanatory work” among the local population, in the course of which he discusses with residents the problems they face when they apply for citizenship of the “DPR” and the Russian Federation. The traitor facilitates together with the lawyers of the pseudo-republic, who help the traitor to prepare the packages of documents for obtaining Russian passports.

In addition to the above-mentioned assistance with the occupation authorities, in 2023 Oleg Zhovtobryukh became a member of the preliminary voting party “United Russia” for the city district of Khartsyzsk.

Zhovtobryukh Oleg Viktorovich is an accomplice to Putin’s regime in Ukraine, as well as an accomplice to the crimes of the Russian occupants against Ukraine and its citizens, for which he will certainly have to answer.