Full Name: Alexander Mikhailovich Gaglazov

Date of Birth: 20.12.1970

Occupation: Head of the “FSB Directorate for Zaporizhzhya region”, war criminal

Places of residence:

  • Zaporizhzhya region, Melitopol, 50-Letiya Pobedy avenue, sq. 21A
  • г. Stavropol, Serova, 468/2, sq. 72
  • г. Stavropol, 25, Dovatortsev St., Apt. 100
  • г. Pyatigorsk, Lenina str., 125, sq. 52
  • г. Tambov, 48 Pirogova St., Apt. 58


  • Passport: 6815920938
  • TIN: 263409004363


  • Volkswagen Touareglicense plate number M118MM26

Phone: 79304757787 (tg: id 197151690)

[email protected]

Wife: Elena Mikhailovna Gaglazova

Date of Birth: 14.10.1977


[email protected]

Daughter: Nadezhda Alexandrovna Gaglazova

Date of Birth: 22.12.1993



Son: Kirill Aleksandrovich Gaglazov

Date of birth: 07.01.1997



Son.: Mikhail Alexandrovich Gaglazov

Date of birth: May 27, 2004



Biography of Alexander Gaglazov

Alexander Gaglazov was born on December 20, 1970. Served in the FSB Special Forces Center, group “Vympel” (v/h 35690, neighborhood Balashikha-2).

At one time he headed the FSB service department in the KMV (Caucasian Mineral Waters). He was Deputy Head of the FSB Department in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic.

Acting Head of the Tambov Region Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia. He received the Order of the Veteran’s Cross from the United Veterans Special Services Group, Pennant.

Alexander Gaglazov: war crimesя

In January 2023, Gaglazov was appointed head of the FSB at the Zaporizhzhya Region VOT. Engaged in the detention of prisoners of war and civilians with a pro-Ukrainian stance in so-called “cellars” – underground facilities equipped for torture. Colonel Alexander Gaglazov is involved in anti-partisan activities in Zaporizhzhya region.

Alexander Gaglazov’s family

Alexander Gaglazov is married to Nadezhda Gaglazova, they have three children: Kirill, Nadezhda and Mikhail. The younger son of FSB officer Mikhail Gaglazov is fond of chess, has 1 category.

Daughter Nadezhda Gaglazova graduated from Stavropol Gymnasium No. 24 in 2012, then got a job at Stavropolgorgaz.

Gaglazov’s eldest son Kirill seems to have followed in his father’s footsteps: he appears in phone books as “FSB Curator”, “FSB Investigator” and “Kirill FSB”.