Full name: Rudnik (Dedina) Olesya Eduardovna

Address: Kozatskoe village, Berislavsky district, Kherson region


– an accomplice of the Russian occupation troops;

– the spreader of Russian propaganda;

– collaborator


Olesya Eduardovna Rudnik was born in Kozatskoe, Berislavsky district, Kherson region. She has never been officially employed, and has been known to engage in petty theft.

With the beginning of the invasion of the Russian invaders, Olesya Rudnik turned out to be a traitor and collaborator of the “Russian world. Back in 2014, the woman rejoiced at the Russian government and showed her pro-Russian views and supported the creation oftheindependent republicsof the LNRand DnR.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

After the startof the full-scaleinvasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022, an accomplice of the occupiers spreads provocative publications in social networks in order to discredit the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Rudnik is also known for going around local chat rooms and spreading Russian propaganda and anti-Ukrainian narratives.

The collaborator supports the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine. Actively puts forward ideas of the political-territorial structure of Ukraine, and advocates the unification of “fraternal nations.

Olesya Rudnik, an accomplice of the occupants, is waiting for a fair punishment for supporting the actions of the aggressor state. He will certainly answer to the law for his pro-Russian stance.