Full name: Salenko Olesya Vasilyevna

Date of birth: May 24, 1978

Place of birth: Stakhanov

Mobile number: +380721487904

Marital status: married, with a daughter


Husband – Konstantin Salenko

Collaborationist activities:

Olesya Salenko was born in 1978 in Stakhanov, Lugansk Oblast. It was in Stakhanov that she married Konstantin Salenko.

Salenko’s family, initially supported the occupation troops and all the illegal actions that the invaders committed on the territories of Ukraine.

In addition to its support, the Salenko family took part in pseudo-referendums on the self-determination of the Lugansk People’s Republic and its exclusion from Ukraine.

It was because of their unwillingness to fight for their bright future that Olesya and her family decided to bend to Russia, thereby making traitors of themselves.

The Salenko family does not yet realize what they and others like them have done, their names are already painted in the column of collaborators .