Full name: Kaminskaya Olga Vasilyevna

Date of birth: February 24, 1955

Place of birth: Kharkiv Oblast, Chuguevsky district, Volchansk

Places of residence:

Kharkiv region, Chuguevsky district, Volchansk, Olesya Dosvitnego street, 28;

Kharkiv region, Chuguevsky district, Volchansk, Korolenka street 56, sq. 27.

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine:
Μ579246, Μ097539

Identification number: 2014308889

Driver’s license: KAA320220

Personal transportation: moped

License plate: 3997XAL KMZ

Mobile number: +380672754102

Occupation: t.n. First Deputy Mayor of Volchansk, Chuguevsky district, Kharkiv region


Labor Path:

1998 – employee of the state tax authorities; head of the State Tax Inspectorate in the Kharkiv region;

– Chairman of the Volchansk City Administration;

2022 – Deputy Head of the Volchansk City Council;

2022 – Founder of the Volchansk District Public Organization “Volchansk Women’s Union”.

The political path

2006 – Head of the district center Volchansk from the political party “Batkivshchyna”;

2015 – candidate in the local elections for the Volchansk District Council from the political party “Petro Poroshenko Bloc”;

2020 – candidate in the local elections in Chuguevsky district from the political party “opzj”;

2022 – Deputy of the Volchansk District Council of the 7th convocation;

2022 – First Deputy Mayor of Volchansk.

With the beginning of Russian aggression and the occupation of Volchansk township, Olga Vasilyevna resolutely took the “wise” and conscious decision to cooperate with the occupant.

From the first day of the occupation of the city, she assisted the aggressor, handing over lists with personal data of employees of the administration, combatants, veterans of the ATO/OSS of Volchansk settlement, as well as nearby towns, villages and settlements.

She expressed nostalgia for the Soviet Union and believes that the ongoing foreign policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin is aimed at restoring the Soviet Union, which is good news for Olga Vasilievna, as she repeatedly expressed the opinion that in the USSR there was order, justice and everyone was equal both before the law and before each other.

It spread fake statements about taking Kharkiv into the ring, and it also created fake rallies, where the so-called “people’s republics” were held. The local population supported the aggressive actions of the russian Federation and is proposing a protectorate by the russian Federation.