Full name: Kishkinova Olga Nikolaevna

Date of birth: 30.01.1982

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk region, Novoaidar settlement, 93 Aydarskaya str;



EN 308607


-Higher -Lugansk National University of Internal Affairs of Ukraine named after M. Azizbekov. Э. Didorenko;


– deputy of the Novoaidarsk Village Council;

– t.s. “Director of the Novoaidar Lyceum;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;



She is not married and has no children.

Deputy of the Village Council and traitor in one person – Kishkinova Olga Nikolaevna, born January 30, 1982 in the village of Novoaidar, Lugansk region. After graduating from high school, Olga enters the Lugansk National University of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Э. Didorenko. After graduation, Kishkinova returns to Novoaidar.

In her native village Olga decides to try her luck and runs as a deputy for the Novoaidarsk Village Council. The residents of Novoaidar decided to trust Kishkinova and elect her deputy of the village council. At the same time, Olga did not distinguish herself by any initiatives aimed at improving the standard of living of her constituents. Soon the citizens of Novoaidar find out who Kishkinova really is.

With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, and the entry of Russian occupation forces into Novoaidar, Olga betrays Ukraine and goes to “work” for the occupiers. The latter “transfer” her from the deputy’s chair to the “position” of the so-called “the director of the Novoaidar Lyceum. It was found that Kishkinova agreed to introduce a “new” educational program in Russian at the Lyceum at the behest of the so-called “K. “occupation administration. She also gave the invaders information about the families of the AFU soldiers who lived in the village.

For “working” for the enemy and betraying Ukraine, Olga Kishkinova faces a severe and just punishment, which will soon come to her.