Full name: Per’kova Olga Alekseevna

Date of birth: 07.04.1984

Place of birth: Donetsk region, Makeyevka

Place of residence: Donetsk region, Makiivka, Kremlin Street, 13, sq. 5.

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: VS333396

Identification number: 3077804720

Mobile numbers: +380713181226, +380938873100, +380632449748, +380662033707

Email: [email protected]

Occupation: Deputy Head of the Administration of the Krasnogvardeyskiy District of Makeyevka

Labor Path:

2017 – Managing Director of the Administration of Makeyevka “dnr“;

2018 – an employee of the management tier of the Makiivka City Administration;

2019 – Managing Director of the Administration of Makeyevka “dnr“;

2021 – Deputy Head of the Administration of the Krasnogvardeyskiy District of Makiivka.

Going over to the side of the occupant:

In 2014, she defected to the side of the occupier, where she soon received an offer with positive consideration to join the occupation authorities in Makiivka.

After the annexation of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions began, it supported the occupation authorities. I convinced my relatives and close circle of friends and acquaintances of the advantage of joining the Russian Federation.

He does not regret his choice, moreover, holding appropriate positions in the organs of the occupation administration, continues to implement the so-called. a campaign of good intentions and prospects for further cooperation and integration with russia.

Engaged in propaganda work to distort the military and political leadership of Ukraine, accusing the Ukrainian government of pursuing an aggressive policy toward the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. He assures the local population that Ukraine has made its choice, in which there is no place for the Russian-speaking population, which has long been infringed upon and unrecognized.

Repeatedly insisted on maintaining official relations with Russia. I suggested joint programs for student exchanges and the introduction of more modern models of education with the involvement of qualified teaching staff from the Russian Federation.