Full name: Sagan Olga Georgievna

Date of birth: March 10, 1974

Address: Ukraine, Volyn region, Lutsk, Kievsky Maidan str.

INN: 2709703685

Passport: AC158858

Phone: +380958229445

Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


– public figure;

– former deputy of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine;

– Head of the Foundation for Young Leaders of Ukraine;

– head of the public organization Russian Cultural Center;

– traitor, collaborator, and collaborator with the Russian occupiers.


Traitor Sagan Olga Georgievna was born March 10, 1974 in the Russian Federation. She began her political career in state organizations in a terrorist country. Worked in cultural representations of the Russian Federation, organized many seminars, trainings, and forums dedicated to the “Russian world,” culture, and folk values. culture and folk values.

After moving to Ukraine in 2007, Olga Sagan began to address issues that “hinder the interaction of two close peoples – the Ukrainians and the Russians. She joined the pro-Russian political party, theProgressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, but her career as a Russian scum did not end there, she just began to gain her pro-Russian momentum in Ukraine.

In March 2009, Sagan founded the organization “Russian Cultural Center” in Lutsk, the purpose of which was cultural and educational sphere, namely the popularization of Russian culture in the Volyn region and the dissemination of information about Ukrainian values in the Russian Federation. The opening ceremony was attended, in particular, by a representative of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine, Viktor Bogach, and Metropolitan of Lutsk and Volyn UOC MP Nifont.

In 2009, such questions of the “rapprochement of Russian and Ukrainian cultures” did not arouse much suspicion. But such attention and love of the traitor Olga Sagan for Russia, over time, turned into real collaborationism and Ukrainophobia.

Along with supposedly neutral exhibitions and scientific events, it did not stop spreading fake information about the situation of Russian speakers in Volyn. Olga Sagan told the Russian media that 30 percent of the population in Lutsk speaks Russian in their families, and after the Revolution of Dignity, in April 2014, in Lutsk she expressed her complaints about the closure of Russian banks in Lutsk. And that’s not surprising. After all, such “corrupt skin” as Olga Sagan in 2017 through corrupt schemes received money from the Russian Federation and paid for the participation of about 80 people from Volyn (in the amount of 400 UAH each) for participation in Lviv in the event – “Women’s Forum for Peace”.

But the main purpose of participation in this event was not to support Ukraine and its servicemen, but to discredit the leadership of Ukraine, which allegedly does not take measures for the return of ATO participants from captivity.

Olga Sagan, an accomplice of the Russian occupiers, also took part in the international practical conference “Russian as a Language of Inter-Ethnic Communication” in Minsk together with representatives of Crimea annexed by Russia, and in 2017 in Kiev the Gogol Prize for Russian language teachers was awarded again by the public organization “For Native Language”, whose representative was a collaborator Olga Sagan.

But the peak of her occupation pandering was a visit to the “International Forum of Victors Great Victory, obtained by unity: the feat of partisans and underground fighters in the Great Patriotic War,” which was held in Bryansk in 2018. There, without shame or conscience, she immorally expressed herself about “Ukrainian fascists,” “Bandera propaganda,” and “the victory of the Russian people.

The pro-Russian scum also gave interviews to the occupant media, such as the newspaper of the Donetsk People’s Republic, in which she claimed that fascism reigns in Ukraine and that one cannot celebrate May 9 in Ukraine, because one can be imprisoned for Russian military songs here.

“There is chaos and lawlessness in the country. It’s very scary when veterans can’t wear a St. George’s ribbon because they would face jail time for doing so. It’s scary when we can’t sing songs about the Victory.

With the arrival of the Russian occupiers on Ukrainian territory, the collaborator Olga Sagan continued to support the “Putin regime” and did not consider the actions of the Ukrainian authorities and military personnel to be appropriate. She continued to talk immorally about some kind of friendship between fraternal nations.

Olga Sagan, a true pro-Russian scum, has been spreading and continues to spread fake news, manipulating historical facts and supporting Kremlin propaganda to create the image of a “fascist” and “Bandera” Ukraine for years, using unfounded statements about “friendship of nations” and “brothers of Ukrainians and Russians. But for all the egregious acts will surely come a harsh and fair punishment, because people like her place only under the tribunal.