Name: Olga Zhizha

Date of birth: 14.06.1965

Place of birth: Chelyabinsk, Russia

Address: Zaporozhye region, v. Obilnoye, ul. Molodezhnaya, 36.

Phone: +380977046947


– Berezovsky High School.


– headed the electoral commission.


Collaborationist activities:

Traitor Olga Zhizha was born June 14, 1965 in the city of Chelyabinsk.

After her school years at Berezovsky High School, she moved to the village of Obilnoye, which is in the Zaporozhye region. During the full-scale invasion, she sided with the invaders, thereby showing her weak character. After talking to the murderers, she accepted the rules of conduct imposed by the occupiers. She started campaigning for the “Russian world” and made lists of unreliables.

In addition to the above, the occupiers rewarded her with the honor of heading the precinct election commission during the pseudo-referendum. Olga is very proud of this.

She is already on the list of traitors who, after de-occupation, will pay for everything done against Ukraine and its people.