Full name: Osadchaya Julia Ivanovna

Date of birth: June 25, 1986

Address of registration: Zaporizhzhya region, Kamianka-Dneprovskaya, Bohdana Khmelnitskogo street, 68

DRFO code: 3158717660

Phone: +380636939251, +380994861037


secondary school No. 1 in Kamianka-Dneprovskaya (1992-2003);

Higher – Ukrainian State Chemical-Technological University (former DKTI named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky, 2003-2008).


Family: Married, two young children

mother – Tatiana Girkova (Nikulina), born in August 29, 1956, lives in Kamianka-Dneprovskaya, Zaporozhye region.

Brother – Yuri Girkov, lives in the city of Dnepr

sister – Elena Girkova, lives in Vinnitsa

sister – Elena Nikitenko, lives in Simferopol





Traitor of the Fatherland Yulia Osadchaya was born on June 25, 1986. He lives in the city of Kamianka-Dneprovskaya, Zaporozhye region on Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street, 68. Married, with two young children.

She received her higher education at the Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology, from which she graduated in 2008.

After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, she voluntarily took the side of the enemy and actively cooperated with the Russian-fascist invaders.

It is known that Yulia Osadchaya has never been distinguished by intelligence and ingenuity, and now she has gone downhill. She calmly works as an assistant to the so-called “commandant” of the town of Kamianka-Dneprovskaya in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, and she is not concerned that they are murderers, rapists and looters. Helps to collect “tribute” for the occupiers from local entrepreneurs for the opportunity to do business.