Full Name: Pavel Leonidovich Kim

Date of birth: 25.09.1980

Place of birth: Yangiyul town, Tashkent region, Uzbekistan.

Occupation: Collaborator, authorized representative of rf presidential candidate V. Putin for the Kherson Oblast PTO, head of “Kherson Oblast Agriculture Committee” OPORA, General Director of “Rassvet” LLC.

Place of residence:

  • Kherson region, Skadovsky district, settlement Blagodatnoye, 40th anniversary of victory, 6, 12, 48.


  • passport: XC 046154 (Ukr)
  • TIN: 910620241134 (Russian)
  • TIN: 2948822717 (Ukr)
  • driving license: АІА044699 (Ukr)


Al. mail: [email protected]

Biography of Pavel Kim

Kim Pavel Leonidovich was born on September 25, 1980 in the town of Yangiyul, Tashkent region of Uzbekistan in a family of peasants. In 1995, Pavel Kim graduated from Tashkent secondary school No. 3; he did not receive higher education. Has a driver’s license of categories B and C.

Kim has lived in Blagodatnoye settlement since 2009. He had no personal agricultural business, but worked on farms.

Until the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Pavel had no interest in politics. He did not participate in any political parties.

Pavel Kim: collaborationism

With the beginning of the Russian occupation of the Kherson region, Kim supported the Russian Federation and the “occupation” regime it had illegally established. For this, his Russian handlers offered him a position in the so-called. of the “public chamber” of the Kherson region, to which Pavel readily agreed. In addition, he voluntarily took “leadership courses” at the United Russia party school, which he boasted about in his Vkontakte profile, and helped the investigation with evidence for a future trial.

In order to create an image of Kim as a “public activist”, the occupants formally enrolled him as a member of a certain Russian political organization “OPORA”, which declares its goal to be “protection of rights and development of small and medium-sized businesses”. The leaders of the “organization” assigned him the head of the so-called “of the Committee on Agriculture of the Kherson region.” Under the direct supervision of P.L. Kim. The illegal export and sale of agricultural products of Ukrainian farmers, whose farms were previously “squeezed” by the Russian occupants, is taking place.

However, the most interesting is Pavel Kim’s one-day company Rassvet LLC. Established on 09.08.2023 and managed personally by Kim himself. “firm” with authorized capital of less than $100 (10 thousand rubles). It is noteworthy that since its registration, the “enterprise” has not had a single contract or tender with either a legal entity or individuals. But the prefix “LLC” to this “nominal” allows to make it a convenient tool for receiving remuneration from their Russian “masters” or plundering budget funds.

At the end of 2023, in accordance with the rf cic resolutions No. 145/1112-8 of December 28, 2023, and No. 152/1204-8 of January 29, 2024, Pavel Kim became a proxy for rf presidential candidate vladimir putin. Interestingly, Kim is in fact a collaborant “nominee” who is using the Russian occupation for personal gain. But, his lack of “ideology” will not save him from just punishment for collaborationism. All evidence of the guilt of citizen Kim P.L. have already been pointed out in this article.