Павел Мусенко

Full name: Pavel Musenko

Date of Birth: 06.07.1958

Place of birth: Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya region, Berdyansk district, Andreevka


  • Collaborator,
  • museum director
  • proxy of “presidential candidate” Putin in the occupied part of Zaporizhzhya

Places of residence:

  • Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya region, Berdyansk, 22, Druzhbyba str.
  • Wanted


  • passport (ukr.): CA 166697 (invalid)
  • TIN (Ukr.): 2137100172
  • TIN (Russian): 231218253895
  • driver’s license (ukr.): AVE 686062


  • Truck ZIL, ZIL 130, 1983 year of manufacture, BLUE, license plate number AR1079Al 4.8, 1988 year of manufacture, license plate number AR0603AV


  • 380953808446
  • 380615375867


Wife: Galina Viktorovna Musenko

Date of birth: 17.07.1958

TIN (Ukr): 2138222121


  • 380500466451
  • 380612863434

Son: Denis Pavlovich Musenko

Date of birth: 08.06.1983

TIN (Ukr): 3047419054

Place of birth: Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya Oblast, Berdyansk

Son: Alexei Pavlovich Musenko

Date of birth: 13.11.1990

TIN: 3318912437

Place of birth: Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya region, Dobropillya city

Biography of Pavel Musenko

Pavel Musenko is a traitor and criminal from Berdyansk district, who could not sit under the blue-yellow flag. Born on July 06, 1958 in Andreevka (Berdyansk district). Prior to the occupation, he ran for city councilor. But then he quickly became sick of the “Russian world” and befriended Putin’s Cossacks. Was signed as aTaman of the Azov Cossack district and Berdyansk kuren of the Cossack army of the Zaporizhian lower Cossack army, army petty officer.

Further events are predictable. First, citizen Musenko flew to the register of corrupt (2018), and then immediately enrolled in the traitors of the Ukrainian people. It didn’t take him long for this “evolution” to take place. But everything with him was clear back in 2013, when the temporarily alive Pavlo headed the cell of Medvedchuk’s Ukrainian Choice in the city.

Pavlo Musenko: anti-Ukrainian activities

Now he voluntarily and deliberately cooperated with the occupiers: in order to lure Pavel, the invaders offered him only the position of director in the local museum of local lore. That was enough. In addition, Musenko is an open accomplice of the Orcs and a documented co-conspirator in Russian crimes.

Among his other acts, citizen Musenko allows himself to conduct propaganda of Russian influence on Ukrainian regions – he deliberately advertised federalism “as the only possible institutional form for organizing a dialogue between the West and the East of Ukraine”. All according to the methodology of Medvedchuk, who split Ukraine with similar demands before his arrest. So we can say only one thing about Pavel: such guys do not live long even behind the backs of the occupants.