Full name: Pavel Stanislavovich Musin

Date of birth: 04.09.1976

Address: Ukraine, Donetsk region, Debaltsevo, Lenina str. 19, sq. 24; Lviv region, Yavoriv, Ivan Krestitel str. 2;

PHO: 2800620353


MK 330065

Driver’s license:


entrepreneur, founder of the company Elektrospetsmontazh;

– Head of the Housing and Communal Services Department in Svetlodarsk;

– t.s. “head of the Svitlodar occupation administration;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;




He is not married and has no children.

The communalist and traitor in one person – Pavel Stanislavovich Musin, was born on September 4, 1976 in the village Svyatogorovka, Donetsk region. During his life Pavel managed to live in many places, for example in Debaltsevo, and even in Yavoriv, Lviv region.

However, Musin settled in Svetlodarsk, where he became the founder of Elektrospetsmontazh. His business was not enough, and he decided to take a job as head of the housing and utilities department in Svetlodarsk. Pavel lived a good life – his own business, a high position and a stable income.

Unfortunately, Pavel Musin will turn out to be a vile traitor. After the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 and the entry of Russian occupation forces into Svetlodarsk, Pavel betrayed Ukraine and went over to the side of the enemy. The occupiers, in gratitude for the “right choice,” appointed him “head” of the so-called “Svetlodar occupation administration. In his “post,” Musin is directly related to the bullying of the invaders against the civilians of Svitlodarsk, which was carried out, including at his “behest.

For “working” for the enemy, Pavel Musin will face a harsh and inevitable punishment, which will come soon.