Full name: Pavel Pavlovich Tkachenko

Date of birth: September 7, 1989

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Kherson, Ushakov avenue 58, kv.46;


-National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine, specialty fire safety (2006-2011);

DRFO: 3275700190



– State Service for Emergency Situations, head of sector;

– an employee of the Security Service of Ukraine;

– Director of the municipal enterprise “Kherson municipal transport service;

– candidate for deputy of the Kherson City Council;

– t.s. “employee of the occupation administration of the city of Kherson;

– Collaborator, collaborates with the occupation administration of the Russian Federation;



Married, raising a son.

His wife is Yekaterina Tkachenko, born on 11/25/1988.

Pavel Tkachenko was born September 7, 1989 in the seaside town of Golaya Pristan in the Kherson region. During his studies at school, Pasha realized that he wanted to become a lifeguard and in 2006 he entered the National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine to study fire safety. He studied diligently, but his discipline was poor, so he was often punished. Nevertheless, in 2011 he successfully graduated and joined the State Emergency Service.

Excluding his cadet years, Tkachenko served in the State Emergency Service for three years and rose to the position of head of the sector. With the beginning of the aggressive policy of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and the events of Euromaidan, he was transferred from the SSES to the Security Service of Ukraine. During his service in the Security Service of Ukraine he showed himself in a negative way, especially in terms of bribes, because money was more important to him than epaulettes. By the way, during the work of the State Emergency Service, he issued positive verdicts during inspections of fire safety in private enterprises for a certain amount of money. After earning money and wiping a few pairs of pants, he retires from the service in 2018 with the rank of “captain.”

The former employee did not remain idle, and thanks to useful acquaintances acquired during his service in the SBU, Pavel was appointed director of the municipal enterprise “Kherson Municipal Transport Service. Having got his hands on the budget money, he not only failed to develop the enterprise, but ruined it to such an extent that as soon as Igor Kolyhaev was elected mayor of Kherson, he immediately dismissed Tkachenko from his post.

Pavel Tkachenko also wanted to become an influential person and in 2020 he ran for deputy to the Kherson city council along with the liquidated collaborator Valery Kuleshov, but his fellow citizens did not elect him and the mandate in the city council remained an unfulfilled dream.

With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Pasha’s life takes a momentous turn. Instead of mobilizing in the ranks of the AFU or leaving the territory outside of Ukrainian control, he betrays Ukraine and becomes an associate of another, more famous collaborator, Kirill Stremousov. The latter appoints him to the post of the so-called “employee of the occupation administration in Kherson,” but everyone knows that using the skills acquired in the security service, he supervises raids and round-ups to catch Ukrainian resistance fighters.

Pasha shouldn’t get too excited, because the Kherson partisans also diligently seek one-on-one meetings, Kuleshov won’t lie. And the result of this meeting will be one – the punishment in the form of a bullet and the ignominious death of the traitor of Ukraine. But when Tkachenko meets Kuleshov, they will have something to talk about.