Full name: Semyon Vladimirovich Pegov

Pseudonym: “Abrec Reporter

Date of birth: 09.09.1985

Address: Moscow, Khimki, Leninsky Prospekt. 18, sq. 151, intercom code 249

Education: Smolensk State University, Faculty of Philology, Department of Journalism (2002-2007)


Russian journalist, poet and blogger, war correspondent

2007-2008 – TV journalist at the Smolensk State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company;

2007 – 2009 – Editor at the art flash magazine “BIGmag”;

2009 – 2013 – correspondent at “Abaza TV” in Sukhumi, Abkhazia;

2013 – 2017 – Special correspondent for LIFE.ru;

He is the author of Me and the Ginger Separ (2016);

In 2017, he created the Youtube channel “WarGonzo”, where he talked about war, studied weapons, and conducted crash tests;

The author of the propaganda documentaries “His Bulwark” (2019), “Call Sign Donetsk. The Story of the Debaltseve Cauldron” (2020);

He supervises the project “Free City Odessa”(source) of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (GRU).

Phone: +79687126380



Father – Pegov Vladimir Anatolievich, 01.07.1964, born in Smolensk, Russia, teacher, phone +79107261859, e-mail: [email protected]

Wife – Victoria Oduvan, a native of Smolensk, Russia. Smolensk, Russia, photographer

I have a young son.

The Way of the Propagandist Semyon Pegov

Semyon Pegov was born in the depressing city of Smolensk, Russia on September 9, 1985. He received his higher education at Smolensk State University in the Department of Journalism, Faculty of Philology, from which he graduated in 2007. Even as a student, Semyon Pegov decided to become a war correspondent, working in “hot” spots.

Semyon Pegov has quite a lot of experience in the Russian media. He began his journalistic career at the Smolensk State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. From 2007 to 2009, he was editor of the art flash magazine BIGmag. From 2009 to 2013 he worked as a correspondent for Abaza TV in Sukhumi, Abkhazia, just during the conflict between South Ossetia and Georgia. It was then that he began to cover military events.

Since 2013, the journalist worked as a special correspondent for LIFE.ru, another news website owned by Aram Gabrelyanov’s News Media holding company, which was awarded the Order of Honor in 2014 for its news coverage of the annexation of Crimea. Semyon Pegov was also not left out, and was awarded the Medal “For Services to the Fatherland” for allegedly “objective coverage of events” in Crimea.

Semyon Pegov praises terrorist leaders

In 2019, Semyon Pegov created his own Youtube channel, “WarGonzo,” where he covers military operations in Georgia, South Ossetia, Syria, and Ukraine for the Russian government.

Also in 2019 released a documentary about the late “head” of the so-called “DNR,” Alexander Zakharchenko, titled “His stronghold.” After the success of the film on the territory of the Russian Federation and the “LDNR”, in early 2020 Semyon Pegov is releasing another film called “Call Sign “Donetsk”. The Story of the Debaltseve Cauldron,” in which he praises the successes of the “Donbass militia” in Ukraine in 2015.

Semyon Pegov was personally acquainted with Arsen Pavlov, known by his call sign “Motorola,” who was killed in 2016.

Admiring “Motorola,” Semyon Pegov even wrote a book about him called “Me and the Redheaded Separ,” in which he describes the events and fighting in the Donbass in 2014.

Semyon Pegov’s Family

Pegov is married to the photographer Victoria Oduvan, they have a young son, but he carefully hides his private life so as not to put his loved ones in danger because of his activities. It is known that the father of Semen Pegov – Pegov Vladimir Anatolievich, 01.07.1964, a native of Smolensk, presumably a teacher at one of the Smolensk “universities.

Semyon Pegov’s Failures and Lies

Since the beginning of the open invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, Semyon Pegov has been performing “information support” tasks in various hotspots of combat operations.

It is worth noting that Semyon Pegov often gets into trouble when filming his reports on the war in Ukraine, forgetting to cut out the beginning of the “reports,” from which it is clear that the stories are staged.

Semyon Pegov is also the main disseminator of the “Free City Odessa” project, aimed at implementing a series of provocations and information diversions in the Odessa region, which should demonstrate the alleged presence in the region of a certain “underground and reactive anti-Ukrainian sentiments of the population. This was officially announced by the SBU press service.

According to the SBU, Semyon Pegov is a military correspondent purely formally, because he is primarily an agent of the Russian Defense Ministry. He coordinates almost all of his actions, words and texts with the GRU.

Semyon’s father (left), Semyon with his wife and son (right)