Full name: Khachatryan Prince Arshaluysovich

Date of birth: 10/01/1974

Address: Ukraine, Berezovka, Odessa region, Voroshilova street, 8.

INN: 3341200534

Passport: KK 469142

Phone: +3890679994449, +380674821024

Car: LEXUS LX450D VN9999KE


– businessman and politician;

– deputy of the Odessa regional council;

– Director of Berezovkaagrostroy LLC;

– An accomplice of the “Russian authorities,” a traitor to the state, and a collaborator


Deputy Traitor Prince Arshaluysovich Khachatryan was born on October 1, 1974 in Artik, Armenia. In the territory of the Odessa region has lived since 1990. He has a full higher education. Prince received his economics degree from an institute in Gyumri, Armenia.

In 1992, I got a job at an asphalt plant. He worked first as a foreman and then became a foreman. Eight years later, Khachatryan went into the construction business, setting up his own firm.

In 2002, Knyaz became head of Berezovkaagrodorstroy in the city of Berezovka, Odessa Oblast. Khachatryan owns 82.86% of the total capital of this company.

In addition to entrepreneurial activity, Prince Arshaluysovich wanted to prove himself in politics. The prince was elected to the district council of Berezovka, Odessa region, and twice unsuccessfully ran for the Verkhovna Rada.

But in 2015, the entrepreneur still became a deputy in the Odessa regional council. Khachatryan is also a member of the permanent commission on the budget, financial and economic policy and banking activity in the Odessa region.

The deputy is remembered for many scandals related to corruption schemes in business. For example, Knyaz Arshaluysovich’s firms falsified accounting statements, with which Berezovkaagrodorstroy justified the illegally generated tax credit. In addition, LLC “Berezovkaagrodorstroy” was suspected of failing to pay taxes amounting to almost 4.5 million hryvnia.

In October 2020 Khachatryan was elected deputy of the Odessa regional council from the party “Oppositional Platform – For Life,” where the deputy distinguished himself by his active support of the “Russian world. In addition, Knyaz was the organizer of several separatist movements in the Odessa region, where he paid for people to participate in pro-Russian rallies.

For promoting the ideas of the “Russian world,” as well as organizing rallies in support of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, the occupier’s accomplice Kachatryan Prince Arshaluysovich will answer to the people and receive a just punishment.