The referendum in the temporarily occupied Kamianka-Dniprovska is canceled.

📯 The main organizer of the pseudo-referendum in the
И. Zykova,
After the assassination attempt, she finally gave up her subversive activities in order to save her life. Following her, most of the members of the so-called of election commissions have already resigned.

📯 A collaborator and a close friend of hers
Zykova – Tatiana Lotzman
who welcomed the occupiers with open arms, actively preparing for the pseudo-referendum.

🚨 Almost everyone gave up the back.

📯 After the departure of the overseer

А. Reimer

to the occupied
, another traitor and so called. “head of the administration

Vladimir Antonenko

, having realized the complexity of the situation. He even had to give an interview for Rasha 24 with a strained smile.
He was quite gaunt and didn’t look like himself. It is worth recalling that before that Antonenko continued to run his own telegram channel in Ukrainian, as the head of the local OTG, creating the appearance of a Ukrainian patriot.

You can read more about why the referendum is canceled here.