Full name: Shageev Robert Mansurovich

Date of birth: February 21, 1977

Address: Ukraine, Crimea, Primorsky settlement, Gagarina street, 2, sq. 8 (2000);

Ukraine, Crimea, Sevastopol, Solovyov St. Sevastopol, Solovyev Street, V/f A0235 (2014);

Russia, St. Petersburg, Zanevskii ul. 6 (2014);

Crimea, c. Sevastopol, 11 Heroes of Sevastopol Street (2020).

Phone: +79313483199

Passport rf: 2214248069, date of issue: 2014-04-04, issued by the Federal Migration Service of St. Petersburg.

TIN: 2817618892

Occupation: Captain of the First Rank, Deputy Commander of the 4th Independent Submarine Brigade of the Russian Navy.



Wife: Alla Andreevna Shageeva

Date of birth: June 10, 1980

INN: 2938113304

Address: Ukraine, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Yalta, 15 Krasnoarmeyskaya St., sq. 13 (2005);

Ar Crimea, Novoozernoye settlement, V/f A 2506, d.1 sq. (2006);

99029, Ukraine, Sevastopol, Solovyov St., B/C A0235 (2015);

Crimea, c. Sevastopol, 11 Heroes of Sevastopol Street (2020).

Email: [email protected]

Phone rf: +79787098788

Phone UKR: +380507045680

Telegram: 5131601319

Education: Graduated from the Crimean State Institute for the Humanities with a degree in beginner’s education.

She works as an elementary school teacher in secondary school #57 in Sevastopol .
Sevastopol, Gagarinsky district, , Shevchenko street, 19.

His own brother is Radik Shageev.

My brother’s wife – Elena Kimirchuk

The son of his own brother – Ivan Shageev

Sister – Dinara Shaidullina

Brother – Eduard Komalov

Sister – Asiya Bukhman

He lives in Israel and has a brother (Vasily Shagiev) who served in the
Israel Defense Forces. Vasily Shagiev:


Terrorist Robert Mansurovich Shageev was born on February 21, 1977 in Crimea. Mansurovich began his career as an officer in the Ukrainian Navy, rising to the rank of commander of the submarine Zaporozhye.

However, in March 2014, during the annexation of Crimea, Robert voluntarily defected to the of the occupation troops of the russian federation and began serving in the russian navy. After the betrayal went to St. Petersburg for to undergo retraining.

Robert Shageyev’s family:

Wife of Robert Shageeva – Alla, works as a teacher of junior high school № 57 in Sevastopol. In early 2023, she became the “heroine” of a high-profile sex scandal. Parents of the students sent a letter to journalists complaining about Shageeva. According to them, the teacher harasses underage children, touches their genitals, forces them to undress, and takes photos that she sends to her husband.

Terrorist activities:

As a reward for his treachery, Robert Shageev received the rank of captain of the first rank. He now serves as deputy commander of the 4th Independent Submarine Brigade. This unit was stationed in Sevastopol, but after Ukrainian drone strikes on the military base, it was moved to Novorossiysk.

The brigade includes six submarines of the project “Varshavyanka”: B-261 “Novorossiysk”, B-237 “Rostov-on-Don”, B-262 “Stary Oskol”, B-265 “Krasnodar”, B-268 “Veliky Novgorod” and B-271 “Kolpino”. Each can carry up to four Kalibr cruise missiles.

According to the General Staff of the AFU, the submarines commanded by Shageyev are regularly on alert in the Black Sea. They are also involved in massive rocket attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure and homes.

Underwater launches ofKalibersare dangerous first of all because they are extremely difficult to register. It is impossible to determine the location of such a launcher, so the reaction time to a threat begins from the moment the missile enters the range of air defense radars. That’s why civilians have almost no time to go down to the shelter after the air-raid alarm.