Full name: Robinson Mukhtarovich Budunov

Address: Vasilyevsky district, Prishib village, Shkolnaya str. 14

Mobile phone: +7(928) 545-09-97

INN: 053400237594

Citizenship: rf Republic of Dagestan

Occupation: Director of the state budgetary institution of general education

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Traitor of Ukraine Robinson Mukhtarovich Budunov.

Officially from 22.02.2007 to 22.09.2022 Director of “Tukitinskaya secondary school” Municipal Comprehensive Educational Institution. Khasavyurtovsky district.

Robinson Budunov was officially appointed “director of the Pryshibskoye comprehensive school” by the occupation and collaboration authorities of Russia on the occupied territory of Zaporizhzhia region with the purpose of “brainwashing” Ukrainian children and planting the ideas of “the Russian world” on them. On December 22, 2022, he was officially appointed to the position of “Director of the state budgetary general education institution “Secondary General Education School of Prishib. Prishib.”

Such activity can be viewed as an attempt on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state of Ukraine, siding with the enemy under martial law and during armed conflict, cooperation with the Russian occupiers, and similar actions.

After reviewing all of these facts, we can conclude that we have in front of us another collaborator, an accomplice of Russian war criminals and occupants, involved in the genocide of the Ukrainian people and an accomplice in the crimes of the Russian authorities against the state of Ukraine.