Full name: Tokar Rodion Gennadyevich

Date of birth: 19.10.1992

Address: Ukraine, Kremenna, Lugansk region. 41 Radyscheva Lane

Телефон: +380992881833,+380994216881


-cadet of Luhansk State University of Internal Affairs named after E.A. Didorenko;

-official officer of the Luhansk Military Lyceum;

-A state traitor, a collaborator.


Traitor of the Fatherland Tokar Rodion Gennadievich was born on October 19, 1992 in the city of Kreminna, Lugansk region in a family of military servicemen. Rodion’s father, Gennady Tokar, served in the National Guard of Ukraine and is now retired with the rank of Colonel in the reserve. The traitor’s mother is a doctor in a military hospital for World War II veterans in the city of Lugansk.

From 2009 to 2014, Rodion Tokar was a cadet at Luhansk State University of Internal Affairs named after E.A. Didorenko. After graduation, he went to work as a teacher at the department of Lugansk Regional Lyceum with enhanced military and physical training “Young Guard Heroes Cadet Corps”. He was also a course officer of 2nd platoon of 2nd company of Lugansk Military Lyceum.

With the beginning ofthe full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Rodion Tokar, voluntarily def ectedto the occupants and began serving in the power structures of the occupants.

The vile traitor shows the Russian orcs the location of municipal and private facilities in the town of Kremennaia with the goal of “nationalizing” them, and helps identify pro-Ukrainian activists and relatives of AFU fighters.

The state traitor participated in the filming of a propaganda report, where he stated that he was waiting for the arrival of the “liberators. The bastard Rodion Tokar has a Russian passport.

For the service of the Russian occupier state traitor Rodion Gennadievich Tokar will have to answer to the people. A place on the bench is already waiting for the collaborator.