Full name: Panfilovsky Roman Sergeyevich

Date of birth: 04.04.1992

Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, Primorsk, Kary street, 15, sq. 2; s. Borisovka, Centralnaya street, 82;


Passport: SJ 094558



Secondary Specialized – Nogai State Agrotechnical College, Finance and Credit (2008-2011);

-Higher- Taurian State Agrotechnological University, Finance and Credit (2012-2017);


– A serviceman in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he did his compulsory military service;

– The police officer of the criminal police department of the Primorsky district of the Main Directorate for National Security of Ukraine in Zaporizhzhia region.

– t.s. “an officer of the occupation police;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;




Married, no children.

“Politsay” in the “service” of the Russian occupiers – Roman Sergeevich Panfilovsky, born April 4, 1992 in the city of Primorsk, Zaporozhye region. Roman studied at Secondary School № 1 in Primorsk in the period from 1999 to 2008.

After finishing ninth grade, Panfilovsky enrolled at the Nogai State Agrotechnical College to study finance and credit. After graduating from the technical school, he was called up for military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Roman served in the Airborne Forces, and therefore often wears the appropriate paraphernalia.

Demobilized in 2012, the paratrooper Roman enters the Taurian State Agrotechnological University, where he also studies finance and credit. In this case, his future work will have absolutely nothing to do with the economic sector – he will become a police officer. In the police, Panfilovskiy served as an operative of the criminal police department of the Berdyansk Department of the Main Directorate for National Security of Ukraine in Zaporizhzhia Region. It’s too bad that such a promising young man turned out to be a traitor.

After the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 and the entry of Russian occupation troops into Zaporozhye region, Roman Panfilovsky betrayed Ukraine and defected to the side of the enemy. After becoming a “policeman,” Roman followed any “orders” from his new “masters” and personally participated in the kidnapping of pro-Ukrainian citizens of Berdyansk.

For his heinous betrayal and crimes against civilians, Roman Panfilovsky faces a harsh penalty, which is getting closer and closer every day.