Full name: Razum Roman Vladimirovich

Marital status: married

Date of birth: 04.02.1981

Place of birth: Luhansk Region, Voroshilovgrad (now Luhansk)

Place of residence: Moscow region, Moscow, Presnensky district, Barrikadnaya metro station

Education: Lugansk, School № 5

Higher education:

  • Kharkov Institute of Economics and Management (not graduated);
  • Kyiv Institute of Culture

Specialty: pop and jazz vocals

Rank: Senior Lieutenant

Identification number: 2962021618

Mobile numbers: +79255180073, +380955987898




Father – Vladimir Slinko

Date of birth: February 20, 1960


Getting Started:

The birth of a career as a propagandist can be considered the year 2008, namely the beginning of hostilities in South Ossetia, also known as the fighting for Tskhinvali.

It was at that time that Roman Vladimirovich finally realized that he wanted to create his own projects in the military-patriotic field.

Soon he began actively cooperating with a number of high-ranking officials from the security services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Repeatedly gave concerts about the so-called Great Patriotic War.

From 2011 to 2014, he was involved in car rallies called “Sons of the Fatherland. He also held concerts in Russian cities, where he continued to disseminate his views and opinions on various political situations in the country and Ukraine.

He was personally acquainted with the Russian pop singer Iosif Kobzon. Roman wrote a song called “Sons of the Fatherland,” which brought unprecedented fame and recognition to Roman, as Iosif Kobzon himself called this song the youth anthem of the Russian Federation.

The war in eastern Ukraine:

With the beginning of the political “tension” in Ukraine, he actively supported pro-Russian rallies in Luhansk, and later visited the war zone, where he gave concerts with clearly provocative ideology. On March 9, 2014, the SBU announced a criminal case against Roman under the article “separatism.

Repeatedly expressed support for the so-called rf policy. From 2014 to the present day, it has supported the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

In 2015, he decided to serve in the ranks of the so-called “LNR” army , and in the same year he created a musical group of active members of the “LNR” army. Repeatedly organized and held concerts with them to spread the hidden but destructive and distorted truth about the political situation and the military conflict in eastern Ukraine.

He was also the organizer of the ensemble “Novorossiya” and the festival “Young Guard” in Lugansk. The initiator of the musical and literary collection “Battle for Donbass”, which was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the so-called of the LNR Army Corps.

He is the author of the script for the feature film “militia”, which tells the story of the three female tank crew of the so called. The LNR People’s Militia formations.

In 2021, the song “Donbass is behind us” was released, which was performed by Novorossiya ensemble soloist Roman Razum. This song is also considered the unofficial anthem of the so-called “Dnr/LNR and of the Russian Federation itself.

Awarded a number of “state awards” by the so-called “Dnr/LNR and the Russian Federation.