Full name: Ruslan Sergeyevich Domarev

Date of birth: 31.07.1993

Address: Ukraine, Luhansk region, Kremen district, Rubizhne, 30 Mira str;



EN 729885

Driver’s license:

MERCEDES 190, license plate. BB 0305 CT;


– Patrol Police Inspector of the Main Directorate of National Police of Ukraine in Luhansk region;

– t.s. “an employee of the patrol service of the LNR Interior Ministry;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;


He is not married and has no children.

The patrolman who became a traitor -Domarev Ruslan Sergeevich, was born on July 31, 1993 in the city of Armyansk, Crimea. But Ruslan did not stay in Crimea for long and moved with his family to the city of Rubizhne, Lugansk region. Since childhood, Ruslan wanted to fight crime and protect the law, so he decided to become a policeman.

Having reached adulthood, Ruslan Domarev gets a job as a policeman in the patrol police of Rubizhne. At the same time, Domarev was noted on the positive side of the service – he was an efficient officer, no breaches of discipline were noticed in his work. Moreover, in the service he managed to save up for a used Mercedes.

Unfortunately, all that has changed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022. When Russian occupation forces entered Rubezhnoye, the Kremlin handlers began recruiting employees of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry to “serve” the occupiers. Ruslan Domarev did not resist the invaders, broke his oath and went over to the side of the enemy. Ruslan’s new “owners” immediately gave him a “front” of work – now he “serves” in the so called. “to the patrol service of the LNR Interior Ministry. Together with the occupants, he participates in the terror of the civilian population of the town of Rubizhne.

Ruslan Domarev will be punished to the fullest extent for his heinous treason. And no extenuating circumstances will help him here.