Full name: Ruslan Stanislavovich Romantsov

Date of birth: February 22, 1974

Callsign: Veselka

Marital status: married (for Ruslan it is not his first marriage), officially Ruslan Stanislavovich has 2 children

Place of birth: Zaporozhye Region, Melitopol

Places of residence:

88 Shchorsa Street, Melitopol, Zaporozhye region;

Zaporizhzhya region, Melitopol, Kirov Street 63, sq. 191;

Zaporozhye region, Melitopol, Heroes of Ukraine str. 55, sq. 87;

Zaporozhye region, Melitopol, 88 Malinova str.

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: СА739766

Identification number: 2708108534

Driver’s license: ВХХ139763, ТВА075607, ЯТА22611

Personal vehicle: VAZ

Car number: 17371HE

Mobile numbers: +380980082008; +380675999905, +380979141479, +380619266555

Occupation: collaborator, former director of the House of Culture im. Shevchenko in Melitopol


Labor Path:

1992 – culture and art worker, ballet master of the exemplary children’s ballroom dance and collective “Rainbow”.

Also in the 90’s was engaged in transporting cars from Europe.

2022 was full of personnel changes

– Director of the House of Culture. Shevchenko, Melitopol;

– Employee of the Department of Culture of Melitopol City Council;

– Head of the Department of Culture of Melitopol City Council.

The Political Way:

2015 – кcandidate in local elections from the political party
“our land”;

2022 -memberof a political party



With the outbreak of large-scale war, the occupation administration recruited all comers into its ranks. The main task was to weaken the vertical of power from within. So it happened that Ruslan Stanislavovich announced himself in time and suddenly “surfaced from the bottom”, taking the high position of deputy humanitarian affairs head of the occupation administration of Melitopol Galina Danilchenko.

Ruslan Stanislavovich did not work as a deputy for very long, but Ruslan’s competence in dancing was better. After his dismissal in April, Ruslan Stanislavovich became head of the local House of Culture. Shevchenko. Moreover, no sooner had he taken his creative position than he received an offer he could not refuse.

It was necessary to create some events around the city for “the day of the great victory,” to gather the children and have them perform in honor of the holiday and say thank you for the deeds of the “z-liberators. But here, too, Ruslan did not succeed. As it turned out, Ruslan lost his job for failing on “May 9” and found himself unemployed again.

In general, given that Ruslan “dug a hole” for himself and was deprived of a warm welcome both among the collaborators and among those who resisted the rf, so he was forced to leave Melitopol.

It remains to be seen where Ruslan Stanislavovich will “surface,” for he has no escape route. On one side of the barricade are the Ukrainians, who are fed up with the cultural
On the other side are Russians who are dissatisfied with Ruslan’s work. It is possible to leave via Crimea, but the FSB is already actively catching all of its failed agents.