Full name: Zakharov Ruslan Vladimirovich

Date of birth: July 20, 1979

Place of residence: Kherson, 58 Ilyicha Street, bld. 99.

DRFO code: 2905507557

Occupation: t. n. deputy of the Kherson district council under the occupation authorities


The Political Way:

He ran for the Kherson city council of the 8th convocation on behalf of the political party “opzzh”, but did not get elected.

Principal activities:

He is a co-founder of public organizations “Union of Donors”, “Union of Consumers”, “Anti-Corruption and Legal Protection”.

He is also at the origins of the founding of the destructive organization Tverdynya Khersonshchina, which was charged with patrolling and maintaining public order in the streets of Kherson. But in fact this organization is a small private army of young people.

With the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, he voluntarily cooperated with the occupation authorities.

He supervised the activities of the “titushkas during the suppression of protests in Kherson. It is Ruslan Vladimirovich’s men who are engaged in beating people with pro-Ukrainian sentiments, committing petty robberies, robberies, and acting as “public order vigilantes.

Convincing the surrounding population that the U.S. is a hotbed of animosity and division within the country.