Full name: Saulenko Alexander Fedorovich

Date of birth: 09.05.1962

Address of registration: Zaporozhye region, Berdyansk district, Novopetrovka village, Pushkina str. 8

DRFO code: 2277417617

Phone: +380505974086, +380615336633


– a member of the destructive Union of Left Forces party;

– 2020 – unsuccessfully ran for the village council on behalf of the “For the Future” party;

– one of the founders of the two firms “Berdyansk Management Company” and “Azov Construction Partner”;

– March – July 2022 – the so-called “acting mayor” of Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhia Oblast.










Traitor and pedophile Alexander Saulenko was born on May 9, 1962. He lives in the village of Novopetrovka, Berdyansk district on Pushkin Street, home. 8.

Little is known about Saulenko’s past. Locals say that he spoke for the regionalists. He has two criminal records. The first for murder with robbery, the second for gang pedophilia.

According to the department of the Ministry of Justice, a man named Alexander Saulenko is registered within the Berdyansk district from the political party “Union of Left Forces,” which advocates “neutral status of Ukraine.

In 2020, he unsuccessfully ran for the village council on behalf of the For the Future party. For the last few years, Saulenko was one of the founders of two half-dead firms, Berdyansk Management Company and Azov Construction Partner.

Having studied Saulenko’s profile on Odnoklassniki, we can conclude that his pro-Russian position did not appear for nothing. Most of Alexander’s relatives live in the territory of the self-proclaimed republic “DNR” and actively promote the “Russian world.

Until February 24, 2022, I searched for a job as a health and safety engineer on job sites.

Following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on March 21, Saulenko announced that he was beginning to act as mayor. In his address he used the narratives of Russian propaganda about the “Kiev junta” and the “brotherly people.

Saulenko also lied that the Berdyansk authorities were “self-absorbed” from their duties. The appearance of this character greatly angered the local residents, because they have long shown their attitude toward the Russian occupiers.

Alexander Saulenko was looking for a job as an occupational safety engineer, and got the position of “acting mayor” thanks to his endless love of Russia and the occupiers.

However, the happiness did not last long. Already in July 2022, the hijackers dismissed the pedophile because he had failed to organize preparations for the so-called “referendum.”

Because of the resistance of the civilian population, the local collaborator was not able to form a team to smooth the functioning of the city.

The key aspects for Saulenka’s career were the failure of passportization and preparations for the pseudo-referendum. Therefore, the head of the occupation administration, the collaborator Alexander Saulenko, was fired.