Full Name:
Sergei Dubovik

Date of Birth:

Address: Ukraine,Kherson region


– blogger from Simferopol;

– pro-Russian propagandists;

– chairman of the “federation of trade unions” of the Kherson region;

– member of the headquarters for public observation of the “elections


The traitor of Ukraine, who betrayed his people and sneakily went to the side of the enemy Sergei Dubovik was born on June 22, 1978 on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Engaged in media activities, worked as a journalist and blogger.

With the beginning of the invasion of the Russian invaders on the territory of Ukraine in 2014, Dubovik Sergey decided to work for the benefit of the aggressor country. He began to cover the activities of the occupation administration in the occupied Crimea and actively promoted the interim leadership of representatives of the “Putin regime“.

Participation in the 2023 pseudo-election :

During thefull-scale invasion of Ukraine byRussian occupation troops , Dubovik moved to another position, already on the territory of Kherson region. He occupied there t.nz the position of chairman of the “federation of trade unions” of the Kherson region. On the eve of the “elections” planned by the Rashists on September 10, 2023, state treasonist Sergei Dubovik joined the headquarters for public observation of the “elections”.

The traitor will be punished for his complicity with the occupiers according to his merits. He betrayed his people and volunteered to help the enemy troops. Sergei will definitely pay for his collaborationist actions.