Сергей Иштуганов

Full name: Sergey Vyacheslavovich Ishtuganov

Date of Birth: 22.09.1986

Occupation: Commander of 328 DShP 104 DShD of the Russian Armed Forces, war criminal

Places of residence:

  • Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, Kubinka, 16B, Armeyskaya street, sq. 60.
  • Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, Kubinka, 16B Armeyskaya str., sq. 181
  • Kamyshin, 6 Microdistrict, 3, square 179, Volgograd region, Kamyshin city, Volgograd region.
  • Leningrad region, Krasnoye Selo, 77
  • Republic of Mari El, Mari-Turek settlement, Shkolny per. 5, sq. 7


  • passport: 8812101739
  • driver’s license: 9902355126


  • Mazda CX-5license plate number M694MV799.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Prado, license plate number E686UO777
  • Toyota Corolla, license plate number O885OA190.


Wife: Ishtugunova (Masmalieva) Yuldus Jahangirovna

Date of birth: 22.04.1993

Passport: 4613047316

SNILS: 13997517626

Driver’s license: 5028283175



Mother: Ishtuganova (Andreeva) Larisa Vasilyevna

Date of birth: 01.05.1967

Passport: 8811080472

SNILS: 00463424816


Stepfather: Valery Alekseevich Ishtuganov

Date of birth: 08.09.1968

Passport: 8805764177

SNILS: 00465033609


Masmalieva Kizkhanum Yarakhmedovna

Date of birth: 29.01.1970

Passport: 4614738384


Biography of Sergei Ishtuganov

Sergey Ishtuganov was born on September 22, 1986 in the Republic of Mari El. In 2004 he graduated from school and entered the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School. After graduating in 2009, he continued his service in the 45th Special Forces Regiment of the Airborne Forces in Kubinka, Moscow Region.

After graduating from the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Ishtuganov was appointed deputy commander of the 31st Airborne Assault Brigade in the city of Ulyanovsk.

Sergei Ishtuganov: war crimesя

As a member of the 31st Airborne Assault Brigade, Sergei Ishtuganov took part in the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022. This unit “distinguished itself” by suffering huge losses during the landing in Gostomel, as well as in the battles in Donetsk region. It was later disbanded. In 2022, dictator Putin awarded Ishtuganov (then a lieutenant colonel) the title of “hero” of the rf.

Ishtuganov currently commands the 328th regiment of the 104th division of the Vdv of the Russian Federation. This division was reconstituted in the fall of 2023 to participate in the war against Ukraine. Minimal has been on the Kherson direction since November, its area of responsibility includes the left bank of the Dnieper.

Servicemen of this unit have repeatedly been caught up in high-profile scandals. Among other things, they were accused of extortion, robbery and murder of civilians in the temporarily occupied part of the Kherson region. It is also noted that commanders are cruel to their personnel, and facts of bullying, torture and extrajudicial killings have been recorded.

Shooting of Ukrainian prisoners of war

Directly 328 regiment of 104 division takes part in the battles for the AFU bridgehead in the area of Krynki settlement. In addition to the fact that the Russian Armed Forces almost completely wiped out this village, they are involved in a number of war crimes against both civilians and AFU soldiers.

Thus, on April 7, 2024, a video of the brutal execution of three Ukrainian prisoners of war a video of the brutal execution of three Ukrainian prisoners of war was published online near the village of Krynki. The wounded prisoners were killed with automatic weapons, the shooting was deliberately close-up. According to evocation.info, this crime was committed by servicemen of the 328th regiment of the 104th division on Ishtuganov’s orders to intimidate the AFU fighters.

On the evening of the same day it became known that the police of the Kherson region started an investigation for violation of the laws and customs of war, combined with premeditated murder (part 2 of article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). The perpetrators face life imprisonment.

Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets, in turn, Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets, in turn, appealed to the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on the fact of this tragedy. He called on the international community to hold rf accountable for all war crimes committed against Ukraine and Ukrainians.

The Russian side, expectedly, has not officially confirmed the involvement of its servicemen in the killing of Ukrainian prisoners of war. At the same time, a network of Russian IPB-controlled channels, groups, media and bloggers channels, groups, media outlets and bloggers are actively spreading disinformation claiming that the footage depicts the killing of “Polish mercenaries” rather than AFU soldiers.

Sergey Ishtuganov’s family

Ishtuganov married Yulia Masmalieva, born in 1993, in 2017. The spouses celebrated their wedding in the elite country club “Alexander” near Moscow. Yulia deleted her “Vkontakte” page immediately after the release of information about her spouse’s war crimes on the “evocation.info” website.

Mother Larisa Andreeva and stepfather Valery Ishtuganov attended the unveiling of a “plaque of honor” to a Russian terrorist at Mari-Turek High School in 2023. Stepfather works there as a gym teacher.

Mother-in-law Ishtuganov Kizhanum Masmalieva in 2019, she sued the rf Ministry of Defense for a two-room apartment in Odintsovo, near Moscow.