Full name: Sergey Aleksandrovich Klyuchenkov

Pseudonym: Leleka/Mardan Sergey

Date of birth: June 11, 1969

Place of birth: Varezh village, Pavlovsky District, Nizhny Novgorod (Gorky) Region

Passport: No. 4514 794378 issued on August 13, 2014

Address of residence/real estate:

– Apartment at the address: “Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, 68/10, sq. 128” (cadastral number 77:06:0001003:4907, cost – 17.6 million rubles)

– house in the countryside, where they spend their weekends, at the address: “Moscow region, Istrinsky district, rural settlement Luchinskoye, Kotovo village, plot 25” (cadastral number 50:08:0000000:143596, cost – 6.9 million rubles)

– Land plot of 0.17 hectares at the address: “Moscow region, Istrinsky district, rural settlement Luchinskoye” (cadastral number 50:08:0060137:76, the cost – 6.3 million rubles)

– Every year since 1999 they vacation at the Vierumäki Olympic base in Finland.

Marriage certificate: II-MU 276131 of 24.04.1998

Driver’s license: 77 06 889857

INN: 771583832638

Bank accounts: Moscow Credit Bank, Bank Yugra, Interkommertsbank, Ergobank, Smolensk Bank


– Wife’s car Mercedes-Benz GLK 220 CDI 4 MATIS, 2012, black, number B242HR77

– previously owned a Toyota LandCruiser Prado 150, 2011 issue, black color, numbers A055US92 and C527OK197; Renault Logan, white color, 2016 issue, number H899TN777; Toyota Camry, 2013 issue, numbers UV545N77 and O939UU77

Mob. phone: +79037977641

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]


Family: married, two children

Wife: Klyuchenkova Anastasia Borisovna (maiden name: Vekshina)

Date of birth: August 8, 1977 in Moscow

Phone: +79037240430

Al. mail: [email protected]

Passport: № 4598 390995, issued on November 25, 1998

Bio: housewife, studying by correspondence as a veterinarian at the “Volokolamsk Agrarian College “Kholmogorka”, since 2019 fictitiously employed (for training) at the LLC Poultry Breeding Enterprise “Serebristoe” at “Bryansk region, Karachevsky district, the village of Mokroe.


Son: Nikita Sergeyevich Klyuchenkov

Bio: self-employed, studied at MSU, worked at KP in 2019

Date of birth: July 9, 1998

Phone: +79629777117

Al. mail: [email protected]

Residence: Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, 68/10, sq. 128.

Daughter: Anastasia Sergeyevna Klyuchenkova

Bio: He goes to school No. 2. Krupsky in the town of Istra

Date of birth: June 1, 2007

Phone: +79153987999

Birth Certificate: III-MU 678784 issued on 24.07.2007

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

Propagandist Sergey Aleksandrovich Klyuchenkov was born July 11, 1969 in the village of Varezh, Pavlovsky district, Nizhny Novgorod (Gorky) region.

In January 2023, he rejoiced over a missile strike on the Dnepr and other cities: “Strike Kiev near the train station (they used to play “Farewell Slavyanki” for the Kiev-Moscow firm there). There is no electricity in Kharkiv. Explosions in Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, and Vinnitsa. Happy New Year, Khokhly. Happy Old Russian New Year!”

In December 2022, in his TG-channel he called for the complete eradication of all Ukrainian in the territories occupied by Russia, forbidding the study of the Ukrainian language and punishing people for their language: “The priests of the cult of Ukrainianism” should be destroyed like rabid animals. Without any condescension. That’s from the obvious.” “Beginning with the destruction of signs in the language and ending with the abolition of the language in secondary school. Any attempt to speak Ukrainian should be regarded as a demonstration of disloyalty (what else?) and have the consequence of giving the speaker a wolf’s ticket and a ban on any profession except that of supermarket cashier.

Putin’s puppet, makes open statements against Ukraine and in support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and supports the genocide of the Ukrainian population. Manipulates public opinion in support of the Russian authorities and the killing of the Ukrainian population. Cooperates with and supports terrorist organizations.

In August 2022, on the radio “KP” he suggested that a “local Zaporizhzhya gulag” be established for teachers in the occupied territories who refuse to cooperate with the Russian authorities.